A beautiful chronicle

The Estate of Rocim this year launched an election wine, a top of the range called Chronicle #328. This is the first time this red is being released, a tribute to Catarina Vieira's father (owner and winemaker of The Rocim Herdade), who in addition to an influential businessman from Leiria was also a man who liked to write, namely for leiria newspaper , where he was director. He also wrote for magazines and newspapers in the context of civic intervention, regional development and other topics. Chronicle was also the chosen name, the one who did not write, and which now translates into wine form and a book that accompanies it with the published chronicles.

Prepared with aragonese varieties and Trincadeira, the profile of this wine is classic, just like José Ribeiro Vieira was a classic man who liked reds (although he also liked whites) as her daughter reveals to us, Catherine. The grapes were stepped on foot with a slur, the wine aged 24 months in new French oak barrels and were launched only 1256 bottles. The result is a dense, structured, engaging and very balanced. Having met him José Ribeiro Vieira, I am sure that who would be very happy to taste this wine.

For those who don't know a little of the history of The Estate of Rocim, here goes: After finishing the degree in Agronomy, Catarina Vieira commented with her father that she would like to have an hectare of came to alentejo to do rehearsals; but never thought that instead that was to give an heiress. Acquired in 2000, it is situated between the Vidigueira and Cuba, in The Lower Alentejo. There are 120 hectares of land, of which 70 vineyard, most planted at the beginning of this century, with traditional grape varieties portuguese and foreign, white and inks. On par, they were still maintained and recovered older vineyards. A winery, inaugurated in 2007 ended the cycle investment. Today, The Estate of Rocim can be proud to be one of the reference properties in alentejo, having ahead an efficient and well- prepared oenology team where Catarina and her husband, Pedro Ribeiro, also winemaker, if they include.