Published by Zest Books, this volume holds between its covers details on 100 extraordinary wines selected by well-known journalist and wine critic Maria João de Almeida, accompanied by the photographic design talent of the M&A Creative studio.

This book appears in Portuguese and in a separate English edition. Both editions are available in Portugal and distributed internationally to highlight not only the quality of portuguese wines but also their global reach.

Through this selection of whites, reds and sparkling wines, and even some rosés, we get to know the stories of many national producers, and understand different production methods and also the reasons of each oenologist when he made a particular wine. Moments and thoughts shared through this book, which accumulates hours of tastings and delicious conversations.

The author herself came up with the idea of photographing bottles with an object that told the story of the producer, a region or its grape varieties. A great idea developed by the whole team with great enthusiasm.

Prominent figures in the wine sector each accepted the invitation to write a foreword. They are Master of Wine and English wine critic Julia Harding, and Frederico Falcão, President of ViniPortugal – Wines of Portugal.



This is not a cookbook but includes recipes from the best national chefs. This is not a wine book but includes some of the best national wines. This is a book where food and wine merge and the reader gets to know the national wine regions better and the best harmonizations between wine and food through serious work, but written in an accessible way and with a very good mood.
Here you will find the description of the regions and the four-course menu recipes each (starter, fish dish, meat dish and dessert), paired with some of the best national wines. However, here the wine is king. The chefs were challenged to cook for the wines, not the other way around, as usual.
The prefaces are written by Duarte Calvão and Frederico Falcão, two unavoidable names of the world of gastronomy and wines in Portugal.

Regions: Vinho Verdes, Douro, Trás-os-Montes, Beira Interior, Dão, Bairrada, Tagus, Lisbon, Setúbal Peninsula, Alentejo, Algarve, Madeira, Azores. (Távora- Varosa is not included in this book due to the scant amount of reference marks, but two sparkling wines from this region were included in the Douro).
Chefs: Alexandre
Silva, Diogo Rocha, Henrique Sá Pessoa, João Rodrigues, José Avillez, Justa Nobre, Leonel Pereira, Miguel Castro e Silva, Miguel Laffan, Pedro Lemos, Ricardo Costa, Rui Paula, Vítor Sobral.



'Wine at Ponta da Língua' aims to clarify the enophiles about the world of wine. With an accessible, relaxed and humorous language, and the amusing illustrations of cartoonist Cristina Sampaio, this work will allow you to answer all doubts: At what temperatures should we serve wine? What kind of glasses do you use? How to do sensory analysis (vision, smell, taste)?, How to combine food and wine? What utensils should we use? How to choose wine in restaurants, How to store wine at h
ome? Wine in Ponta da Língua has all the information you need to make your palate more demanding. In the end, the book also includes wine suggestions to train your palate and/or enjoy them on different occasions. Read, learn, have fun and be a star in the wonderful world of wine.



This is the first printed Wine Tourism Guide in Portugal, with all the information about the best places to visit, and also where to sleep and where to eat. A selection that includes, according to the criterion defined by journalist Maria João de Almeida, only those who considered to be the best wine tourism we have in the country: those who receive better, have the highest number of activities or better service. Everything counts on the weight of the scale. The choice is purely editorial, judicious and exempt, having been all the wine tourism visited and
tested. The guide is divided into regions, each of which tells the history of the properties and wine tourism activities practiced there, and also wine suggestions to taste. At the end of each chapter, several places are also suggested to overnight or dine in order to make the guide even more useful and comprehensive.
Awarded the 'Best of the World' in the wine tourism category at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, the 'Guide to Winetourism in Portugal' is already in its third edition, revised and increased. Launched in Portuguese and English, it is already a national reference.



'Memórias do Vinho' tells the detailed story of twenty Portuguese wine-producing properties: Palácio da Brejoeira and Casa de Sezim (Vinhos Verdes); Quinta de Ervamoira, Quinta de Vargellas and Quinta do Vesúvio (Douro); Casa de Santar (Dão); Buçaco Palace (Bairrada); Lands of Sado, Quinta da Bacalhôa, José Maria da Fonseca and Pinheiro da Cruz Prison (Peninsula of Setúbal); Quinta de Alorna (Tagus); Adega Cartuxa and Herdade do Mouchão (Alentejo); Camilo Alves Wineries and Adega de Colares (Lisbon); Adega do Pico (Azores); Barbeito, Madeira Wine Company, Henriques & Henriques and Artur Barros e Sousa (Madeira). Cl
assified as Cultural Interest by the Ministry of Culture, this book featured an in-depth research that involved, in addition to interviews with producers, the use of public and private archives, libraries and museums. Paulo Laureano, recognized Portuguese winemaker, collaborates in this book with technical notes at the end of each chapter, thus making known a little more about the terroir and castes of each region. The preface is by journalist and wine critic João Paulo Martins.
Culturally enriching the book, combining the history of wines and Portugal with art, was another objective. In the first run of 3500 copies, 300 collection books were designed, conceived by Professor and Sculptor Charters de Almeida. (150 copies of the book with a laser-drawn acrylic plate (which also appears on the book cover), and another 150 copies with a sculpture, through which each reader can build his own memories. The works are numbered and signed by the renowned sculptor.