Symington launches Chryseia 2018

Every year the winemaker Bruno Prats comes to Portugal at the invitation of the Symington family to present the new chryseia harvest that both have been doing in partnership since 2000. With the difficulties of traveling in pandemic time, we were not presented this year with its sympathetic presence, but we managed to taste the new harvest, which once again surprised.

Prats & Symington has just presented Chryseia 2018 Douro. Having established itself in the last two decades as one of the douro doc of reference, Chryseia results from the partnership between the Prats and Symington families. The moment of presentation of the new wine took place in the Restaurant Casa dos Ecos - chef Pedro Lemos - in Quinta do Bomfim, and was attended by Rupert (right in the entrance photo) and Charles Symington (left), respectively, the CEO and winemaker of the family company.  

The paths between the Symington and Bruno Prats crossed a few years ago, within the pfv – Primum Familiae Vini, an organization that brings together some of the most famous families linked to wine worldwide. At the time, Bruno Prats' Château Cos d'Estournel was still part of pfv. Bruno Prats led the famous family estate along with the two brothers for nearly 30 years. In addition, his wine traditions are very strong, his grandfather was one of the owners of the famous Château Margaux.More recently, with The Departure of Estournel from the family forum, Bruno Prats ventured out of France and decided to accept new challenges in Chile, South Africa and Portugal.

Thus was born not only the partnership with the Symingtons, but a beautiful friendship. In 1999, the year the project began, it was investigated as soon as the best plots of vines and the most suitable varieties to produce Chryseia.

After several experiences, Bruno Prats realized that the Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca varieties would be the best base for Chryseia. Thus the first harvest and 2000, which the winemaker considered to have been a good starting point, was born. The second harvest of this wine, Chryseia 2001, ensured the first entry of a quiet wine Portuguese in the annual TOP 100 of Wine Spectator, reached position 19 with 94 points.

A few years later, in January 2013, Chryseia 2011 also achieved an excellent score, 97 points in the Wine Spectator, the second highest note ever awarded by the publication to a quiet wine Portuguese, and was also ranked third in the magazine's TOP 100 of 2014. It's not for everyone, so.

Today, in close collaboration with Charles Symington, the winemaker of the family that holds the largest heritage of vineyards in the Douro (27 Farms with more than 1,000 hectares of vineyards and with brands such as Graham's, Dow's, Warre's, Cockburn's, Quinta do Vesuvio and Altano), Bruno Prats continues to be able to adapt the principles of quality and elegance of Bordeaux at Quinta de Roriz.

This new 2018 harvest has 55% Touriga Franca and 45% Touriga Nacional and spent 15 months in 400 liter French oak barrels. As always, it was made with the best grapes from Quinta de Roriz and Quinta da Perdiz, properties of Prats & Symington, as well as grapes from Quinta da Vila Velha (from a vineyard near Roriz), private property of James and Rupert Symington. In the aroma is fruity and floral, and in the complex palate but with an incredible freshness that gives it a huge elegance.