Madeira Wine Company new harvests launched

The pandemic canceled Madeira Wine Company's intention to promote a live event to launch the new crops, but did not move them from making an online presentation. I'm so good.

In recent times it has been a constant. Several producers choose to send wine samples to the experts' homes, and the tasting is held online. It is not the same thing, on top of that particular case, in which it is always good to return to such a beautiful island, with vineyards so peculiar and friendly faces. But let's get down to business.

Madeira Wine Company recently launched Cossart Gordon Madeira Verdelho Colheita 2008 wines; Miles Madeira Wine Tinta Negra 1998; Blandys Madeira Verdelho 1976; Cossart Gordon Madeira Terrantez 1975 and a rare wine of 100 years, the Blandys Madeira Bual 1920.

The race was guided by the winemaker of Madeira Wine Company, Francisco Albuquerque; and the group's CEO, Chris Blandy, who told the stories of the wines and highlighted their characteristics.  And although all are holders of great quality, some were more evident than others, as was the case of Cossart Gordon Terrantez (among the wines of the most recent harvests) and blandys Bual 1920.

Of the four noble varieties that are part of most of the great Madeira wines: Verdelho, Sercial, Bual, Malvasia, the Terrantez variety is a fifth variety that eventually emerges in exceptional wines produced on the island, and which also contributed to the worldwide fame of the great Madeira wines. Tinta Negra, the most cultivated grape variety on the island, is still considered less noble, although it also offers interesting and high quality wines. Tell me who tasted miles tinta negra 1998, an extremely rich wine, full, with good acidity, with aromas of roasting, spice and resin.  

However, knowing the potential of Terrantez, it is not surprising that Cossart Gordon Terrantez Wood 1975 has shone. A very balanced wine, sweet, with excellent acidity, persistent. Note in the aroma notes of walnut peel, of smokehouse, tertiary wrapped in an unctuous and firm set, of great level.  

Another wine to shine was Blandy's Bual 1920, a wine collection, or to drink on a special occasion, memorable, with the values of sweetness and acidity very balanced and harmonious, a complex wine, striking and velvety, "a wine of meditation and memory", as defined by the winemaker Francisco Albuquerque. And you're right.  The bottles (1199) will be sold in wine cellars and top restaurants, nationally and internationally, and cost 2100 euros each.

It is recalled that The Madeira Wine Company was founded in 1913, incorporating several companies or independent producers, who joined. Cases of William Hinton, Welsh, Cunha & Co. Lda., Henriques & Câmara, Cossart Gordon, Blandy, Leacock and Miles.