A cup of Kosher Port, please!

In Portugal there are already many Kosher products, including Port wine, produced by Quevedo in partnership with Luís Morão, food entrepreneur and member of the Jewish community in our country.  

Kosher means 'fit', in Hebrew. For those who are not familiar, a suitable wine for Jews is one that is produced to respect kashrut's rules, set of Jewish food laws. This implies that the rabbi, the leader of the Jewish congregation, follow the entire process of production of the from origin to packaging.

Right in this context that was born the 'Kosher Corner', in guarda, which sells several products, including red wine, beers, olive oils, jams, cheeses, among them Other. Luís Morão, the owner of the company and member of the Jewish community of Belmonte, the oldest and most representative in Portugal, studied the market in depth and realized that there was a need for kosher products since although there were them in Portugal, most people had to have them come from outside.  His family has already been very fixated on Portugal, was one of the responsible for the formation of this same community, and is through rabbi (the highest authority, the Jewish leader) who acquires the certification of the products.

To contrary to what might think, Kosher wines are not produced with grapes different from those used in ordinary wines. Nor are they used practices or rituals of winemaking. However, there are some rules to follow. The grapes that produce them must come from vineyards with more than four years of age, and must necessarily rest every seven years without harvest (unless the vineyards change owners, which makes it start the count). Vineyards should grow without interventions, assuming only organic fertilisers used up to two months before harvest. The harvests must be done manually and by Jews. In the cellar, the same happens, only the Jews can handle the equipment and wine throughout the process, from the pressing of the grapes to the bottling of the wine to avoid contamination by people devoid of faith. If the winemaker is not Jewish, he must explain to the rabbi how the winemaking is done, so that the same if Blame. In fact, the whole process is carefully watched by the rabbi. The from the moment he certifies it, there are no more restrictions. Any person can drink wine, even if it is not Jewish.

The idea of having kosher port wine came up in conversation with producer Óscar Quevedo, from São João da Pesqueira, who had already produced it for export, and then partnership arose.  A ruby port of color vivid, fresh red fruit aroma and full-bodied and living flavor, easy to drink.