A new dão producer

There are new projects to be born in the Dão region, most of them inspired by family traditions. This is one of them.

António Vicente Marques has roots and childhood memories of Dão, a land where he lived unforgettable moments with his maternal grandfather Manuel Vicente, in his words, one of the most generous, educated and honest men he has known in his life, and to which he now pays homage through its wines. 

After emigrating to Canada, having worked there, and then having returned and having graduated in Law at the Unversity of Coimbra, António Vicente founded in 2003 a successful law firm, with offices in Lisbon, Luanda and Maputo. Now it has also decided to launch itself into the D. Vicente wine project which, in essence, was an appeal to the origins and the realization of an old dream.

He started by buying 21 hectares from an owner, and a few more acres to so many other owners, who were selling him land little by little. At this time, it already has 100 hectares, 42 of which are vineyards (including 14 old vines), all of which are in Carregal do Sal. For now, there are three whites and three reds. Don Vicente Field Blend; Don Vicente Encruzado and Don Vicente Encruzado and Malvasia Fina (in whites) and Don Vicente Field Blend, Don Vicente Reserva and Don Vicente Syrah Reserva (in the reds). All harvests are from 2017, except the Red Reserve, 2016. Whites express the minerality of granite, are wines of great freshness and elegance. Reds are structured, fresh and gastronomic. Author wines, signed by winemaker António Narciso. In the future will still appear the brand Amelia, name of the grandmother of António, wife of Manuel Vicente and also her a human being of fiber.

In the first wines Vicente predominates freshness and minerality

 According to António Vicente, what is intended is to continue to develop at least ten percent more of the area it already has, on the way to transforming it into a draft reference.