School of Port: Symington Family Estates launches new course,'The Masters'

After the success of the series 'The Essentials', a course of 16 episodes that addresses the various stages of port wine production, now appears 'The Masters', a video course that takes the viewer to the next level, addressing the various topics with greater technical detail.

'The Masters' is a 5-episode course that explores issues of production, aging and bottling of the different styles of port wine; this time, with different guests sharing their experience and knowledge firsthand.

In this course, the viewer will learn about the fermentation and fortification processes in great detail, will hear testimonies of professionals who are directly involved in the production and aging of Ruby, Tawny ports, as well as port wines with bottle aging. In addition, you will learn about the blending and bottling processes. 'The Masters' is the school of port's most technical course to date.

In addition to the usual host Isabel Monteiro, by many known as #portgeek, this series also has the participation of other important names, including the Symington family - such as Charles, Dominic and Paul Symington - who contribute important reflections on topics in their areas of expertise.

The 'The Masters' course is housed in schoolofport.com. To access it, a brief registration or log in to the website is sufficient. English and English Portuguese, as well as a small final exam are available for those who, like the past course, want to obtain a certification.

It is recommended to preview in the sequential order of the episodes:

Episode 1: Fermentation, Fortification and Aging

Episode 2: Wood Aging - Part I - Ruby, Ruby Reserve, LBV

Episode 3: Wood Aging - Part II - Tawny, Tawny Reserve, Aged Tawnies

Episode 4: Aging in Bottle - LBV, Crusted, Vintage Port

Episode 5: On the way to the bottle – Blending and bottling

In addition, the School of Port will continue its work of sharing educational content via Instagram in @schoolofport as well as face-to-face and online training for professionals.