A wine born of friendship and passion for rock

When Nuno and Joana met, they realized from the beginning that they shared some common interests. Interests that gave birth to a beautiful friendship and a top wine, Sou - Alvarinho.  

When in 2018 Nuno Mira do Ó and Joana Santiago shared the table at an event of white wine producers from various Portuguese regions, they realized that they had identical passions. The first for the Alvarinho variety and the second for the music, in particular, the Rock.

Being the two dynamic wine producers, always looking to do new things, decided to make a wine together that expressed another side of the Alvarinho variety, more mineral and dry than the common wines of this variety. Shortly thereafter, they fulfilled the dream with grapes from Quinta de Santiago and nuno's oenology. In this harvest, the grapes were harvested as early as possible, at their maximum equilibrium point, preserving their acidity and low alcohol content.

Produced 100% with Alvarinho grapes, this Sou wine gave rise to 3,500 bottles of 0.75 liters and 150 magnums. The 0.75 bottle will cost around 32 euros (PVP) only in selected wine cellars. The label's lettering was inspired by rock music, which both are connoisseurs.