Adega Santa Vitória with news

The presentation of new wine crops served as the motto for the Santa Vitória winery, in Beja, of the Vila Galé group, also show its olive oils, jams and new wine tourism services. 

The Hotel Vila Galé Clube de Campo, in the heart of Alentejo, was the place chosen to present new wine harvests, a wine tasting and present new services that will increase the offer of wine tourism. In the more than 1600 hectares of the property, 127 are vineyards and there are 10 more red and 6 white varieties, both national and international, which give rise to a varied range of white, rosé and red wines. Patrícia Peixoto - who since the beginning of June is the winemaker in charge, replacing Bernardo Cabral, with whom she worked for more than 14 years - explains to us the range of wines. The range of entry starts in versatile wines (Wines, young and, as its name implies, versatile, to drink with or without food), followed by the Selection range (bi-varietals with greater complexity, already with white and rosé to intern on lees and red in used barricade). Then, it is the turn of reserva wines (wines that rise in complexity and already intern in new and used barrica) and the Grande Reserva (more complex and structured than the previous ones, while maintaining the use of new and used wood). We finally finish at the top of the range, the wines of the Inevitable range, more powerful wines, fresh and complex, produced only in exceptional years and aged in new barrels. In the middle, there is also a sparkling wine with a wine prepared by the classic method, with stage on the lees of fermentation in bottle for another 18 months. A very complete range that serves, above all, the large chain of hotels of the Vila Galé group but, also and increasingly, an oenophilous public that is increasingly reviewing the wines produced by Adega Santa Vitória.

Santa Vitória Winery
The Cave of the barrels of adega Santa Vitória, where the best wines were
Patricia Peixoto takes responsibility for the Oenology team of Vila Galé

Just as the vineyard supplies the grapes, also the olive grove provides the olives for the group's olive oil brand and even an orchard provides the fruit (plums, peaches, nectarines, pear-rock, oranges, among others) and the production of jams for guests of Vila Galé hotels and other projects of the group. And there, more specifically at Vila Galé Clube de Campo, in a beautiful and well-taken-care agricultural setting, the visitor's experience is lived even more intensely. Because of these conditions, the potential was also used for the development of numerous activities that complete the wine tourism services of adega de Santa Vitória. In addition to a pedagogical garden, jeep safaris, hiking, horseback riding, donkey or buggy rides, boat shooting, mountain biking, Moto 4, paintball, canoeing and hot air balloon trips can be done. With regard to the vineyard, in addition to being able to participate in the harvests (in their time) guests can also visit the winery and make wine tastings. Or picnic in the vineyard where regional products are not lacking.

New onotourism bets

At a time when the pandemic seems to be slowly moving away, Adega Santa Vitória also seems to be turning it around and is preparing to launch new wine-tourism products. He started by selling wines online that, as Patrícia Peixoto explains, went very well, and is now preparing to launch in the Hotels Vila Galé Clube de Campo and Vila Galé Vineyards, in the Douro, in Val Moreira (Armamar) already from the next harvest, new wine tourism activities. The first is the barrel project which, as its name implies, allows oenophiles to acquire a 225 litre wine barrel in primeur and bottle about 300 numbered bottles with their name. In the Alentejo the bottled wine will be the Inevitable and, in the Douro, in Vale Moreira, will be the Reserva wine, in both cases the top of the range of the respective wineries. An ambitious project that still allows the oenophile to organize lunches and dinners with their own wine and, if you wish, have the presence of the winemaker during the meal. On the other hand, the second project to be launched will allow oenophiles to customize their bottles without the need to invest in a barricade. Instead, you can only order a minimum of 3 boxes (18 bottles of 750 ml each) have customize wines of different ranges (Santa Vitória Reserva white and red; Santa Vitória Grande Reserva white and red; Santa Vitória Touriga Nacional; Holy Victory Inevitable; Val Moreira Reserva white and red) and Val Moreira Altitude. In the case of olive oils, the same can also be done with Santa Vitória Premium and Val Moreira.

Picnic in the vineyard
At Clube de Campo Vila Galé you can purchase the various products produced at the property

It is refound that the Vila Galé group is one of the main Portuguese hotel groups and is part of the ranking of the 198 largest hotel companies worldwide. This company, founded in 1986, is dedicated to the exploration and management of all hotel units that are part of the group and also to the realization of projects and the construction of new tourist developments. The Vila Galé group is currently responsible for managing 37 hotel units: 27 in Portugal (Algarve, Beja, Évora, Alter do Chão, Oeiras, Cascais, Sintra, Ericeira, Estoril, Lisboa, Coimbra, Serra da Estrela, Porto, Braga, Douro and Madeira) and ten in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Fortaleza, Caucaia, Salvador, Guarajuba, Pernambuco, Taurus and Angra dos Reis), with a total of 7,454 rooms and 15,286 beds.