Alentejo launches certification for sustainable production

At a time when sustainability is an issue on the agenda, CVR Alentejo is advancing with an unprecedented label attributed to producers who comply with soil, water and irrigation management requirements, reduced waste production or fertilization monitoring, among others criteria.

of the environmental benefit, the attribution of these stamps brings other advantages to producers who bet on a more sustainable viticulture. Firstly, the Alentejo Regional Vitiviniculture Commission estimates that this label will increase sales of Alentejo wines by 5 to 10%, a question related to the fact that 85% of Portuguese people reveal that the importance that companies attach to environmental causes influences the purchase decision. Second, the implementation of water and light monitoring plans allows a cost reduction of around 20% and 30%, respectively. This certification comes in the year that marks the 5th anniversary since the creation of the Alentejo Wines Sustainability Program (PSVA), a pioneer in Portugal and revolutionary in the sector, which already has 422 associate members, representing more than 40% of the vineyard area of Alentejo.

 “Wine production that is more environmentally sustainable, by reducing the use of pesticides, the use of water and electricity or protecting biodiversity, are undoubtedly also more economically viable productions, since they make the whole process, from the grape to the most effective and efficient bottle ”, explains João Barroso, PSVA coordinator.

PSVA promotes good soil management in the field, the use of auxiliary organisms, the preservation of ecosystems, the conservation and restoration of water lines, or the use of integrated production and organic production. In the winery, energy efficiency and the rational use of water are a priority, but so is the reduction of waste production. The recycling and dematerialization of processes, as well as the use of greener products, such as the use of stoppers, barrels and other materials from certified forests, are also encouraged.

Francisco Mateus, President of CVR Alentejo

 «Over the past few years, there has been a greater awareness and performance by Alentejo producers in relation to water management, energy efficiency and the importance of biodiversity conservation, but with this certification, it will be possible to make the leap towards a production that is even more environmentally friendly and that, being a pioneer, highlights the spirit of innovation in the Alentejo in the domestic market, but also internationally », explains Francisco Mateus, president of CVRA's management.

 It should be recalled that, recently, PSVA was awarded the title of European Ambassador for Rural Innovation by the LIAISON project, a European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability launched in 2012 by the European Commission, which promotes the best European projects throughout level of innovation in agriculture and forestry in rural areas.