Bolo Rei de Alvarinho

There are days when my house looks like a wine cellar. Now it's like a pastry shop, too. So let's go to the 'sordid' details that will make you gush through your mouth, because I tasted it and you didn't!

Colonial has been the reference pastry shop in Barcelos for over 100 years. Come on, every year they play to invent a different king cake. The first was roses, there were also orange and chocolate, carrots, pumpkin and nuts, diospiro, salted caramel, among others. This year, the cake is made with alvarinho wine! The challenge was made by Francisco Gomes (now chef pasteleiro na Colonial and a good wine connoisseur) to the winemaker Anselmo Mendes, who provided his wine Muros de Melgaço Alvarinho to make this cake that stayed .... deliciousooo. Made with the traditional dough of the king cake, it was added the almond and even a crumble at the top, which crumbles in the mouth. But it is in the center of the cake that you feel alvarinho's jam, made with wine, and also a white chocolate mousse Ivoire, from Valrhona, one of the most expensive brands in the world.

Imagining that they already have on the floor a puddle of saliva, it remains to be said that the cake is for sale at Colonial and also at El Corte Inglès in Vila Nova de Gaia. Southern people are going to be in the water. But that's it!