Arnaud Vallet, Portuguese soul

Everyone knows him in the lides of haute cuisine. It is French and works as a sommelier of the restaurant of the Hotel Vila Joya, in Albufeira, Algarve (2 Michelin stars), alongside austrian chef Dieter Koschina. For more than a decade working in Portugal, Arnaud has felt like fish in the water in our country. And from here, no one takes him out.

If a few years ago, they'd tell you i'd ever live so many years in Portugal, I certainly wouldn't believe it. But that's what happened with Frenchman Arnaud Vallet, one of the most recognized sommeliers working in Portugal in one of our best restaurants of high cuisine. Born in Roanne, burgundy, and never had anyone in the family close to producing wine or dedicated to restoration. However, the father was a great wine connoisseur and Arnaud was proving what was going on at the table, as well as cooking from an early age to the family, to help parents at home.

Because he liked these lides, a teacher suggested he take a professional course of hotel techniques, advice that followed, but quickly realized it wasn't in the kitchen that was his future. He lacked contact with people, something I missed, so I chose the room service. This is how, in the second year of the course, he discovered his true vocation. 'I had an Initiation chair to Tasting and Oenology and a spectacular teacher that made me realize that that's the way there,' arnaud says in Portuguese fluent and French accent. He then made a specialization and became sommellier, starting to take internships at good French restaurants. But the France, being a producing country, for better restaurants that had bet always on a majority of French wines. That's why Arnaud realized from the outset that it was necessary to travel and prove a lot around the world to broaden their Knowledge.

Your professional recognition comes from your passage through well-known restaurants like Louis XV of Alain Ducasse (1992), Restaurant Eden (1994), Enoteca Pinchiorri (in Italy - 1994/1995), La Reserve de Beaulieu (1995-2004), La Palme D ́Or (1996), La Table du Palace (1998-2001), Restaurant Georges Blanc (2001), Hotel Lausanne Palace 2002-2004) and L ́Auberge du Vieux Puits (2004-2007). It was in 2007 that it received a phone call from Joy Jung, owner of the Vila Joya hotel, to invite you to come work in Portugal. "We had a mutual friend and the invitation was a surprise. I had never come to Portugal, knew little of Portuguese wines and did not even know speak Portuguese!". They spoke several times on the phone and Arnaud eventually came spend a week in the Algarve to meet the restaurant and staff. "Since stepped in Portugal I was so well received and I felt always so well treated that It wasn't hard to adapt. Today I'm married to a German but my two daughters were born here and are Portuguese. When we go on vacation visit the families in France and Germany, then we always want to return home, which it is Portugal", says with a smile.  

For many years, Arnaud was also responsible for wines for the media high-kitchen gastronomic festival 'Tribute to Claudia', which for many years took place at the Vila Joya hotel, and which received numerous renowned heads of national and international cuisine that have come to show their talent. Now even already at the festival, Arnaud continues to show what is worth in what is one of the best restaurants in the country. As a great connoisseur and wine connoisseur national -- and because we are in Portugal - your bet on the letter from Vila Joya falls mostly in our producers. A work that manages with the enthusiasm of those who love the profession and... Portugal!