Aveleda launches news

Aveleda's investments in recent times have been large, showing that the new generation is willing to continue the work begun by its ancestors, already five generations ago. The most recent bet was the launch of five new wines, two new sub-ranges – Solos and Plots – and the change of the designation of Quinta da Aveleda to Aveleda Loureiro & Alvarinho, wine that joins Aveleda Loureiro and Aveleda Alvarinho in the Castas range.

Aveleda celebrates 150 years of existence this year, a company founded by the Guedes family, currently managed by two fifth generation descendants, António Azevedo Guedes and Martim Guedes. Since its foundation in 1870, the passion for wine, sustainable treatment of the environment, biodiversity and attention to detail remain the guiding principles of the company. These principles are in the genesis of the production of quality wines and in the creation and acquisition of brands such as Aveleda, Adega Velha, Quinta Vale D. Maria, Villa Alvor, Quinta D'Aguieira and Casal Garcia. The Group is present in 4 Portuguese wine regions, the Douro Region, the Vinho Verdes Region, bairrada region and, more recently, Algarve Region. It is the largest producer and exporter of Vinho Verde in Portugal, exporting to more than 70 countries worldwide.

The Aveleda Loureiro & Alvarinho 2019 reveals the intense floral aroma of Loureiro and the velvety body of Alvarinho. The two iconic varieties of the Vinho Verde Region produce wines that highlight the genuineness of the aromas of these varieties. In the recently created Solos range, Aveleda has launched two wines, one from shale soils and the other from granite soils. In an invitation to discover the geological richness of the Vinho Verdes Region, where 90% of the soils are granite, this range explores the rare varieties of shale existing in the region and the way the different soils are reflected in the wines.

Shale is an easier rock to break, so the root surface of the plant can be deeper. Water retention is higher in this type of soil, eventually creating wines with more mouth volume and more unctuous. Aveleda Solos de Xisto Alvarinho 2018 reveals aromas of ripe grapefruit, mango, pineapple and white flowers.

Aveleda Solos de Granito Alvarinho 2018 is a more mineral, direct and fresh wine. This profile derives from the water retention index of granitic soils being very low and of these having a low pH. In the Parcelas range, in each harvest year, Aveleda will select the best plots of all the farms it owns in the Vinho Verdes Region. In this range, which aims to make known each terroir, Aveleda now launches two wines: the Aveleda Parcela do Convento and the Aveleda Parcela do Rosairal. The Aveleda Parcela do Convento Loureiro 2018 is based on a granite soil, allowing the aromatic Loureiro variety to reach a good level of concentration and volume of mouth. Passion fruit, grapefruit and lime peel are just some of its aromas. On the palate it is revealed fruity, mineral and with excellent acidity.

The Aveleda Parcela do Rosairal Alvarinho 2018, as its name implies, comes from an old rose garden. It reveals discrete aromas to white flowers, citrus and tropical fruits. This wine is very delicate and soft, extremely balanced with excellent acidity and balance between fruit and minerality.