Limitless challenge

Making a wine without barriers to imagination or any other obstacle was what proposed the administration of Sogrape to its oenology team. The first wine in this series is from Sercialinho, comes from Bairrada and is signed by António Braga.  A challenge where every winemaker can wear any role and play the role he likes most in the plot.

Imagine the following scene: the administrator of a well-known company wines marks a meeting with their oenology team and asks them to make a wine at your beautiful pleasure. Let them do what i give them in real ghana. It doesn't matter the region, the grape varieties, the style of wine, the costs. Tem is portuguese, great quality and differentiating. Other than that, there are no obstacles or limits to Imagination.  It's like a dream, a movie, a television series... Too good to be true. But it is! Pure reality.

Fernando da Cunha Guedes, President of Sogrape, challenged the sogrape oenology thinking freely, without prejudice, to develop a wine as a work of art was treated. Odd Series is the name of the created brand to this end, which will be drawn up every year by any of the members of the oenology team, which will make authoror co-author proposals. They can be wines from any region where the company produces. It can be white, red or rosé, quiet or sparkling. It could be one or more wines. It can still be monovarietal or a blend. Each year will be a surprise. With the proposals already placed on the table, all the winemakers in the house have to agree to session wine (or wines) has status to be launched.

According to Fernando Guedes, time passes, but Sogrape wants to continue to maintain its legacy. "If in this story there have already been several directors, winemakers are an important part of a large cast that promises to take Sogrape further. That said, inciting them to make unparalleled wines, giving them total freedom to idealize and create to their own measure is the same as asking them to add even more value to our history."

The first wine in the Series

Unique Series Sercialinho 2017 is the first wine that marks the premiere of this challenge. It was in Bairrada, quinta de Pedralvites, that winemaker António Braga was inspired to make his proposal, proved and accepted later by colleagues.

The first wine of the Odd Series is from Sercialinho, was prepared with grapes of a small vineyard of Quinta de Pedralvites, in Bairrada, is signed by the winemaker António Braga.

The winemaker, who now divides his time between 4 regions from north to south of the country, was the first to react to the challenge. "The idea of doing something different walked in the air and in the 2017 harvest I had the opportunity to see a wine born of the Sercialinho variety with enormous qualitative potential", he revealed. For the winemaker, we are facing "a modern classic wine which, on the one hand, reflects the terroir through its vibrant acidity, texture and gastronomic profile, same time that presents its character and personality in a contemporary way, without being stuck with trends. In addition, wines that are born from a leaf in white take more from the winemaker and this gives a lot of enjoyment", concludes António Braga. 

Sercialinho grape variety is a white grape caste, already rare in Bairrada. It has good aromatic intensity, with citrus and mineral notes to stand out, and an acídulum and refreshing flavor. For many years it was thought that Sercialinho resulted from a fusion between the Vital grape variety and Alvarinho. However, genetic studies conducted by Sogrape concluded that only the Vital variety has proven genetic load. "It has been discovered that the father is the Vital grape variety but the mother is certainly not Alvarinho. A lot of DNA studies were conducted, but no reliable conclusion has been reached, nothing has been proven. That's why the novel continues!" reveals in a jest Antony Braga.

The idea of making a Sercialinho wine came to him because he always thought that something should be done with the grapes of that 2.5 hectare vineyard, already with 33 years old. "It was a lost vineyard in the middle of the 60 hectares of Quinta de Pedralvites. Grapes have served in the past for a Bairrada wine brand that Sogrape had and that was unconbtinuada. I thought that's why it would be a good opportunity to do something from that vineyard. But Sercialinho is not an easy caste. It is susceptible to diseases, unproductive and therefore was being left behind. However, by giving him lap, when he picks up well, gives rise to high quality wines."

Produced in the Sogrape winery in Mogofores, Anadia, the wine gave 2050 bottles, limited edition, and can be found only in selected wine cellars.