Chryseia 2019, elegant harvest

Every year chryseia crops are born the Symington family makes a point of promoting a lunch with the presence of Bruno Prats, one of the great names of the world oenology, who in Portugal has a solid partnership with the Symington family. This partnership is based on the friendship and production of Douro DOC wines, among which the most emblematic - Chryseia - which has now launched another harvest.

Prats & Symington presented in early September the new chryseia harvest (2019) at Vinum Restaurant at Graham's Lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia, at an event attended by Bruno Prats, Rupert Symington and Peter Symington, heads of Prats & Symington and Symington Family Estates. The partnership between the two families, born in 1999, continued to make history in the following years. Some of his achievements in quality recognition go through recognized international magazines. It was the first quiet wine Portuguese (the second harvest dated 2001) to be set up in the 'TOP 100' of the renowned Wine Spectator magazine, in 19th position with 94 points. In January 2013, Chryseia 2011 scored 97 points from the aforementioned Wine Spectator Magazine, the second highest ever note attributed to a quiet wine Portuguese and was subsequently considered the 3rd Best Wine in the World in the top 100 of Wine Spectator Magazine 2014.

The idea, from the beginning, was to try to produce a Douro wine that on the one hand respected the tradition (in its composition are always the traditional varieties) but with less extraction, letting the wine reveal even greater elegance. This chryseia 2019 harvest is not out of the rule and, as in other harvests, was produced from a rigorous selection of grapes from Quinta de Roriz and Quinta da Perdiz, properties of Prats & Symington. Usually it also has the usual contribution of the vineyard of Quinta da Vila Velha, private property of Rupert Symington, which is next to Quinta de Roriz.

Quinta de Roriz

The freshness and vivacity are the signature of this 2019 harvest, elaborated with 75% touriga franca and 25% touriga nacional. The harvest began on September 13 at Quintas de Roriz and Perdiz. Touriga Nacional was harvested from September 17 at Quinta de Roriz and Vila Velha and Quinta da Perdiz on September 22. Touriga Franca was harvested in Perdiz and Vila Velha from October 1st and in Roriz from October 7th. After harvest and selection of the best grapes, the must ferments in stainless steel with macerated, reassembly and controlled temperature. Then he aged 14 months in barrels of 400 liters of french oak mostly new and 10% used. Produced almost every year, it is a high-level red. This harvest reveals seductive fruit, floral notes, great minerality, spice. On the palate it is very fresh, elegant and engaging, ending with long finish.   

The oenology team, composed of Bruno Prats, Charles Symington, Pedro Correia and Miguel Bessa, could not be happier, after all, this is always a constant challenge, because if it is a top of the range, the idea is always to produce a great wine. And much more for Bruno Prats, who is not the Douro easy to work with, has assured us over several years high-level wines in the profile he wanted to work to make a difference. (in the entry photo, from left to dirt Rupert Symington; Bruno Prats and Miguel Bessa). "Generally concentration and elegance are not easy to marry, but in years of excellence it is possible. this is the case with this harvest," says Bruno Prats. "More than 20 years after this partnership I am very proud of the quality that Chryseia has achieved", he shoots.

In the late 1960s, Bruno Prats worked with his uncle Pierre Ginestet at Château Margaux. In 1970, together with his mother and two brothers, he took control of the Château Cos d'Estournel, the famous Cru Classé de Saint Estephe, in the Médoc. And so it was, for 28 years, until his family decided to sell the business in September 1998. Bruno Prats was also, for 21 years, the president of the Syndicat des Crus Classés du Médoc, member of the Académie du Vin de Bordeaux and Vice-President of academie internationale du Vin in Geneva. The President of the French Republic awarded him 'L'Ordre National du Mérite'. Bruno Prats also makes wines in Chile, South Africa, Spain and Portugal. In the latter case, the partnership with the Symington family began in 1999. Prats & Symington produces Chryseia (a DOC Douro regarded by critics as one of the best Portuguese wines) and also Quinta de Roriz, in the Douro.

The Prats and Symington families are part of a new generation of Douro DOC producers, and Chryseia has played a key role as one of the pioneers in the resurgence of non-fortified Douro wines. In addition to Chryseia, Prats & Symington is also a producer of DOC Douro Post Scriptum, Quinta de Roriz and Prazo de Roriz wines.