Cockburn's reopens to the public

After Graham's Caves and Quinta do Bomfim, the Symington family reopens its largest port wine cellar. The space privileges family programs, with more interactive activities adapted to the younger ones. On Sunday mornings the visit is free of charge.

For those who travel to Porto, or even those who live there, it is always interesting to pay a visit to the Port wine cellars in Gaia, to get to know a little more about this product so Portuguese. Cockburn's Lodge has reopened and is prepared to welcome its visitors, with the clean&safe label guaranteed and with the implementation of all recommendations from the Directorate-General for Health (DGS). The team was formed and properly prepared to receive visitors safely.

Thinking of more familiar programs, the wine tourism center is implementing a special visit, adapted to the younger ones, as well as moments of conviviality in the courtyard of the space. To this end, a script was adapted, with questions and answers, which make known the most important landmarks in the history of Port Wine and cellars. In the end, a family picnic is suggested, in the shade of the terrace vineyards.

It is always necessary to pre-reserve for the realization of the visits, which now have smaller groups, with ten people at most. On Sunday mornings, the visit is free until 12:30. Those who shop at Cockburn's store will receive a glass of Port wine on offer.

It is also recalled that Cockburn's is part of the last cooperage in operation in the Port Wine Cellars, making known the work of the master coopers who employ the same techniques and the same tools that their ancestors used in the past. The Symington family space holds 6,518 barrels of Port Wine in stages, in addition to the equivalent of 10,056 barrels in balseiros, which allow to maintain the traditional aging of this nectar in oak bark, being thus the largest in the historic area of Vila Nova de Gaia.

The Symington family's wine tourism centres welcome visitors from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, with the last visit to be admitted at 5.30pm. Visits can be made through the website or, or contacts.

PHOTO: João Margalha