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Costa Boal, commitment to quality

The producer of the Douro and Trás-os-Montes regions recently launched new crops and two novelties, a red-range top and a centenary Port that confirm serious and high quality work.

António Costa Boal has been the heir to a family of small Duriense producers since 1857. Born in Cabêda, municipality of Alijó, decided to invest in family properties in the wake of shares. He then founded Costa Boal in 2009, which launched the first wines in 2011, in the Region of Trás-os-Montes (Flôr do Tua and Távoras Palace), also starting investments in the Douro with the purchase of a farm in Foz Côa (Flor do Côa wines) and the recovery of the family cellar , located in the village of Cabêda. A year later he inaugurated the winery and warehouse with assembly line and expedition in Mirandela.

The acquisition of Quinta dos Tojais in Cabêda definitively sealed the return of António Costa Boal to the origins - although he resides in Mirandela, where he studied Agricultural Engineering and married - resulting from this new bet the creation of state-of-the-art wines.

Currently, the company has five farms - Quinta do Vale de Mouro (Foz Côa), Quinta do Sobredo (Vilar de Maçada, Alijó), Quinta da Pia (Porrais, Murça), Quinta dos Tojais (Cabêda, Alijó) and Quinta dos Távoras (Mirandela) - and some smaller vineyards, among the historical vineyard in the Douro cliffs, in Miranda do Douro. With the exception of Miranda do Douro, whose vineyard is more than 100 years old, costa boal vineyards are between seven and 60 years old and total an area of about 50 hectares. Annually, the company produces 150,000 bottles of wine, mainly marketed in the domestic market (77%), opening foreign markets.

The diverse portfolio of Costa Boal. Photo: Luísa Ferreira.

Among the diversified portfolio of Costa Boal are the references Flor do Côa (two whites and three reds of different ranges) and Costa Boal (the red Reserve Homenagem, Porto Vintage 2014 and Porto Tawny very old), in the Douro. From the Trás-os-Montes region, the producer has the labels Palácio dos Távoras (one white and five reds, including the monovarietalbastardand Alicante Bouschet, as well as the top of the Range Gold Edition), Quinta dos Távoras (two Reserve wines, a white and a red) and Thous of Tua (two whites, one of them Moscatel Galician, and three reds of different ranges). All wines have been signed by winemaker Paulo Nunes, who has worked with António Costa Boal since the beginning of the project.

The wines are signed by winemaker Paulo Nunes (à dirt), who has worked with António Costa Boal since the beginning of the project (left) . Photo: Luísa Ferreira.

News and new crops

António Boal brought Lisbon - to the restaurant 'Talho da Esquina', chef Vítor Sobral - the new harvests of some of his wines, but also the novelties, a state-of-the-art red and a very old port, which eventually stood out.

The new top of the range of the Costa Boal comes from the Douro, called Homage and, as its name implies, it is a tribute to the father of António – Augusto Boal – winemaker and small producer of the Douro. It is a red Reserve of the harvest of 2011, coming from grapes from the vineyards of Cabêda. It has Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional of the harvest 2011, but was refreshed in 15% with two varietal wines from 2017, Tinto Cão and Sousão. The base wine was stepped on foot in traditional granite mills, with alcoholic fermentation in mill for 8 to 10 days and controlled temperature. The internship was held in French oak barrels for 12 months and remaining time in stainless steel tub.

This wine produced only 3000 bottles, whose PVP is 100 euros. It is a dense red, powerful, complex, with excellent acidity, being therefore very gastronomic, although with tannins still vincados in need of settling. But it is a great wine, with grit, that with a plate of meat with some fat and condiment, it will give great pleasure to those who drink it. Ten percent of the sales revenue of the Tribute will be donated by António Boal to the Social Center of Vilar de Maçada, in a gesture of solidarity that meets the family tradition of contributing socially to well-being in the homeland.

The old Port is between 70 and 100 years old. Photo: Luísa Ferreira.

Costa Boal Very Old Port is a treasure guarded for successive generations in the family cellar in the village of Cabêda, Alijó. A very old tawny that has no written record of its route, but is likely to be included in lots of Wines of Feitoria, considered the best of the fine wine of the Douro, as still known the port wine guarded by local winegrowers in its Wineries. It is known, however, that this now bottled Port has an age between 70 and 100 years. Produced and aged in the Douro for generations, it has not been refreshed for at least three decades. it already has tertiary aromas, it is powerful, engaging, with an amazing complexity, and a well-present sweetness balanced by a beautiful acidity. From this Port were filled only 200 bottles, for sale by pvp of 1240 euros

As for the new harvests, they did not fail to surprise, especially two others. The Palace of The Gold Edition Távoras 2016 is another top of the producer's range, made from grapes harvested in a specific portion of the old vineyard (50/60 years) of Quinta dos Távoras, located in Mirandela, Trás-os-Montes. In this installment, the varieties Touriga Nacional, Baga and Alicante Bouschet predominate. The wine fermented at controlled temperatures and aged for 16 months in used barrels of French oak of Palaçoulo, resulting in only 1145 bottles 0.75 l and 115 magnuns (PVP 90 euros). It is an equally powerful red, complex, with an evident freshness, ending very persistent.

The Red Bastard 2018 has a less extracted and more elegant profile. Photo: Luísa Ferreira.

In contrast to the power of this wine, the Palace of the Red Bastard Távoras 2018 has an opposite profile. It has a faded color, it is much less extracted, but with a complex but more elegant structure and presence of mouth. The Bastard used in the production of this red also comes from old vineyards of Quinta dos Távoras, in Mirandela, Trás-os-Montes. A differentiating wine that accompanies very well light and uncaloric dishes. From this wine were produced 1700 bottles, whose PVP is 18 euros.