Dedicated to the family

The producer Vinhos Norte, from Miogo, was recently in Taberna do Calhau, in Lisbon, to launch a special wine prepared thinking about the family.

Launch a wine of family was already the wish that the producer Vinhos Norte had in mind there are already some years, something that has now come true. The company, founded more than 40 years ago in the small village of Várzea Cova, in Fafe (ave sub-region), was the first to produce sparkling wines in the Green Wine region and has always been well known for the its red green, famous among consumers. Other wines were emerging, in the most easy and fast consumption, nothing to do with the sparkling Miogo that however they launched a few years later, and now this white, very serene. A white tribute where the Arinto caste is queen, complemented with Loureiro and Alvarinho.

Already in 1999, when it was released the sparkling Miogo, the novelty was a 'stoned in the pond' for its originality and quality. According to Vera Lima, granddaughter of the founder, at the time CVR green wines did not even have regulations for sparkling wine: "We have always believed in the region's potential for sparkling wine production, something which has become a reality in a region already with good examples in this wine style." Now, this white man stands out for his symbolic charge, since it is a commemorative wine: "a complex wine, drawn up in the traditionally, vinified only in stainless age, talked and elaborated as a family. A tribute we've wanted to do for some time," Vera Lima concludes.

So the white is born "Miogo - The Choice of the Family", of the 2018 harvest, the producer's debut in the quiet wines, prepared with 70% Arinto, 25% loureiro and only 5% Alvarinho, coming from the best grapes of various properties of the company. The edition limited is limited to 2000 bottles, all of them numbered. The wine will be only present in selected restaurants and wine cellars, as would be Wait. The aroma is citrus and mineral. In the test is very complex, fresh, dry, with claw structure but elegant.   

Vinhos Norte is currently managed by Joaquim Lima, son of the founder of the company; and by Vera, Graciete and Vítor Lima, grandchildren of the founder and children of Joaquim. What do you mean which is still a family business today. Graciete Lima, graduated in management financial year, was the first to enter the company, to help in the part of Production. Today, take over the commercial direction. Vera and Vitor came next. Vera is an architect and manages the company's internationalization plan, i.e. the exports sector of the company, while accumulating the communication part and Image. Vítor is the current head of the production area. With his father, Joaquim Lima, more focused on land affairs, runs this family business already recognized for the good work developed more than 40 years ago.