Details that make a difference

Francisco D'Assis Costa is a doctor of profession, but winemaker of soul. In 2002 he decided to take the family heritage and recover it by starting, also, the production of wines.

Situated in half kilometre summ. generis, and its owner Francisco D'Assis Costa, veterinary physician, also with scrolls in the areas of biological medicine, orthomolecular medicine, functional clinical nutrition and anti-aging medicine. With this training and experience, that's not why it's surprising that you've crossed nature with your scientific knowledge and has adopted agriculture on its land based on biological and biodynamic production. In addition, it explores in the its property concepts of geobiology, radiesia, magnotherapy, food health environmental and energy medicine, in order to preserve health and well-being: "My family has been from Mértola for four generations. My father bought this one property when I was 8 years old, it was a family retreat. Later, and after a period of abandonment, I decided to assume family assets and recover it, starting wine production," explains Francisco D'Assis Costa. « Prepared this lot to be a health tourism but then realized i wasn't going to have Time. My professional life occupies me much of the week and for the service be perfect would have to be here much longer. It may happen one day."

Francisco D'Assis Costa took over the recovery of family heritage
The hill was prepared to be a health tourism

Of the twelve hectares of land, three are of vines. After carrying out an in-depth analysis of the soil, Francisco D'Assis Costa began by planting Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional, Syrah and Purple Moscatel. Later followed the Trincadeira and Aragonese varieties. The vineyards, implanted in shale-clay soils, in the heart of the Natural Park of the Valley guadiana, has a nascent south orientation and is irrigated by the gout system to drop with alkaline groundwater, subjected to natural processes of polarization and azonization, in order to attribute to water a molecular structure three-dimensional and negatively magnetized, which makes it easier to improving the metabolism of vines and all flora: "It does all the difference in the final result', the producer assures. On the other hand 'the soil is under the pyritous strip of the lower Alentejo, which goes from Aljustrel to Mina of São Domingos, rich in copper, gold and silver, whose composition prevents diseases in the also reveals D'Assis Costa.

Of the twelve hectares of land, three are of vineyard
Sustainable agriculture based on organic and biodynamic production is practiced here

In the energy area, the monte de Santo António also stands out. Here there is a production system of electricity by solar energy, sold to EDP for energy amortization solar electrical production of 30 KW under the basis of self-consumption. The current contract with EDP is a three-phase bi-time counter and self-production, which allows you to capture water and water during the day with a almost total economy.

Frederick wines Von S

Production is fully carried out without pesticides, herbicides or any other fertilising or synthesis products, and the harvests carried out in early morning, between 5am and 11am, and the grapes were transported in boxes 15kg (to avoid crushing) to the santa vitória cellar in Beja, where it is vinified under the guidance of the winemaker Patricia Peixoto. «It's all done in the greatest detail so that we can produce a high quality wine." In addition to the wines, Francisco D'Assis Costa also produces organic liqueurs, chickens and eggs, honey and olive oil.

Researcher by nature, and a passionate about the history of Portugal, especially that of its region, Francisco D'Assis Costa had to think of a brand to launch his first wine. He then remembered to create the Frederick von S brand (Count and Duke of Schönberg and 1st Earl of Mértola), a German general who helped the Portuguese win the Battle of the Mountains Of course, the last step in the Portuguese Restoration War between Portugal and Spain, which has enabled our country to return to sovereignty. Due to its and services provided to the country, D. Afonso VI of Portugal rewarded him with the title of Count of Mértola, having been given a property in the municipality of Mértola and a lifetime pension.

Francisco D'Assis Costa, a producer who wants to do well and always better
Frederick von S regional Alentejo red wine, prepared with the Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional and Syrah varieties
Frederick von S Reserva, prepared with Trincadeira and Aragonese

This fair tribute started with the red wine Frederick von S regional Alentejo, launched by the first time in 2004, prepared with the Alicante Bouschet, Touriga varieties National and Syrah; and later extended to another wine, also red, Frederick von S Reserva, first launched in 2015 and prepared with Trincadeira and Aragonese. The Moscatel Roxo variety on the property, on the other hand, gives rise to a rosé and a which the producer produces in very limited editions.

In the case of reds, the Reserve is clearly more complex and dense than the regional, prepared with the best lots of wine, aged in French oak barrel for three years and two more in bottle. Bottles these also special, waterproofed with premium stoppers and beeswax seals placed manually. Distributed only in selected restaurants and wine cellars, are special wines, prepared by someone who wants to do well and always better. Lucky for us.