Leonor Alcácer – Discover the pleasures of the table

Since she was a kid, actress Leonor Alcácer learned to like everything, but was never given to great patuscadas. Only later discovered the pleasure of eating and savoring food and wine in a special way, more aware of sensory pleasures.  And today not only does he like to eat but also to cook and enjoy good wine at meals.

Daughter of a father of Alcácer do Sal and a mother of Grândola, Leonor had every reason and a few more to be a good fork. But no, i'm not. The father, with health problems, had a diet prepared by his mother who, however, was very 'snack'. "Since my father couldn't eat very greasy things, my mother was very careful with the cooking she did. But every once in a while, I made snacks for her. My brothers and I were used to that grill ed and baked food from my father and we didn't even think about food. By the way, I was a pisco eating," he explains. However, it recalls the cooked of the paternal grandmother, very tasty: the gaspacho, the pie, the fried mackerel with potatoes and cabbages, the bread crumband the steaks with french fries. And what you didn't like? "I hated something my mother did that was bofe (lung). It had a spongy texture, I couldn't even see it!". (laughs).

At the age of 17, when he left home to come to study in Lisbon, he began to have more appetite. "I was doing a lot of sport. Rowing, volleyball, handball, sports gymnastics.... He was a sports fanatic and that's when his appetite started to open and I eat more," explains the actress. At that time, I lived in a lady's room and I already had to cook something, but all very simple. It wasn't until later, at the age of 26, when he finally bought a house, he ventured seriously into the kitchen and started dining more often out with friends and colleagues and realizing the world of flavors otherwise. Today, eating and drinking is one of your pleasures of choice.

What about wine? You don't drink it every day, but when you drink it, it has to be good. "I refuse to drink bad wine," he says with conviction. He adds: "There was a time when I drank both white and red, but today I'm drinking whiter. However, when I drink reds, it has to be a 'tintão', a more full-bodied and complex wine'. While in whites enjoy blends without looking at castes, in the reds preferably choosethose who have Trincadeira, Castile and Aragonese/Tinta Roriz, some of the most appreciated grape varieties. The taste for the wines is, moreover, shared by the whole family "At my parents' house, when the family joins, we like to take wine tastings. My brother, who is more understood on the subject, buys wines of various qualities and prices and then at the table we give our opinion. Even my father, who despite having always had a supervised diet never stopped drinking his glass of wine."

When you go shopping, you take home wines from various regions because you like to discover new flavors. Even when I traveloutside Portugal: "many years ago, I was in my early twenties, I was already on my travels I was discovering some wines. I remember especially a trip I made to southern Germany and that I loved. There were fantastic terraces with wine by glass, we still didn't even talk about it around here and there was something very common out there and I got tired of drinking them." And he drinks them wisely: "I choose the glass according to wine and I have a notion that temperatures make all the difference."


Born on July 2, 1961, in Alcácer do Sal. He completed the Actors Training Course in 1983 at the Research Theatre, and began this year with the show 'The Prodigious Physicist'. Between 1987/89 he joined the Theatrical Action Group The Tent and debuted 'O Baile'. He worked with directors such as António Feio, António Montês, Helder Costa José Carretas, Adriano Luz, Fernando Gomes, Águeda de Sena, Paulo Matos, Rui Paulo and Mário Fedele. In 2008, at the invitation of the Camões Institute, debuted at St John's College Auditorium, Oxford University in England, 'Fernando Mil People', 'A Muse and... ' a show of the ephemeris of the poet's birth, with staging by Mário Fedele, from a collage of texts by Fernando Pessoa. In 2013 he staged alongside Ilda Roquete, 'Serões de Mar' and, in 2014, staged 'Celebration'. He participated in some television series such as 'Family Doctor', 'Os Batanetes', and novels such as: 'Strawberries with Sugar', 'Mar de Paixão', 'Laços de Sangue', 'Os Nossos Dias' and currently participates in the novel 'Vidas Opostos'.  He also made doubles in animated films from Warner, Pixar and Disney. He directed and promoted, between 2007 and 2010, the Stork Project, in Alcácer do Sal, of social, cultural and educational action, in which several formations and shows were carried out. He also participated in Juro, by Luís Lourenço, at Casino Estoril, staged 'Reservado', which is still on tour. It is also developing a project and presentation of a show in Castro Verde, in partnership with the Association Outside the Drawer.