Do what he wants

After spending years on end making wines from others, Osvaldo Amado restructured his life to have more time to produce his own. Your pleasure and the taste of your creativity.

It's not that he doesn't like making wines for others. It's always been your life, in the profession he embraced and to which he dedicates himself with passion. But the truth is that long ago Osvaldo Amado wanted to produce different wines, of great without the commercial pressure that always exists with most of the Producers. Thus, to have time to devote yourself to your new company, Total Wines – Wines of Portugal, remain only in two producers (Global Wines and Adega Cantanhede) abandoning for good the consultancies that complemented the their fixed oenology services.

From now on, the idea is to launch through your company wines of exception, some already thought and produced for years, and others that will become, are them of what style they are, more classic or modern, but always highlighted originality, rarity and quality, always in limited editions. Like this the brand Raríssimo by Osvaldo Amado is born, the first wine being launched a Sparkling Sparkling Blanc des Blancs 2006, DOC Bairrada, with 100% Arinto, caste you've always been in love with. "Arinto is one of the most complete and versatile national castes, and even international. It has a great freshness, an excellent aging potential and, for me, it is in the Bairrada that she has her best profile, more tuned, of election", reveals Osvaldo Loved.

Everything in this wine is special. From the production method, age and form how it evolved. Even the beautiful and luxurious case that protects the bottle, labeled designed by M&A Creative Agency. The grapes of this sparkling wine were totally disengaged, followed by soft pneumatic pressing, taking advantage of only 40% of the grape juice ' It is the cream of (la creme' reveals the winemaker, further explaining that the wine fermented after 50% in second-use barrel. Finally, he interned eleven years in sur lie bottle and, past 12 months, the dégorgement was made.

Photographs: M&A Creative

A sparkling wine still with a lot to give. In the race has very fine bubble and Persistent. The aroma is complex and intense, profile that maintains in the mouth, with crispy mousse, good acidity, elegant and persistent. Production was limited to 1500 bottles, which will be distributed by Vinalda at a recommended sales price to the public of EUR 95. At the beginning of next year will be launched other wines, also rare and of great quality: the Very Rare By Osvaldo Amado DOC Give red 2001, the DOC Bairrada White 2015, doc dão white 2011 and the Classic Claret DOC Dão 2013. "It was wines that I have been idealising over time and which they gave a great pleasure to do without haste. And others will come, with the same philosophy", the winemaker concludes.


In your professional course passed through the Messiah Caves, Caves Primavera, Adega de Mealhada, Quinta do Cerrado, Enoport Group and Adega de Cantanhede, was a winemaker consultant at Quinta do Ortigão, Quinta dos Abibes, Quinta da Rede and Casa de Cambres, among others, before he embraced the Global Wines project where he was still director of the Group's oenology, as well as in the Cantanhede Winery.