Each bottle tells a story

Is there a better way to remember a special moment than opening a bottle of wine?

I finally decided to open the bottle of Szepsy Aszu 6 Puttonyos i brought the last time I was in Hungary and had been in the basement for a few years now. The bottle of wine was handed to me by the producer himself, Istvan Szepsy, emblematic character and of great reference in the Tokaji region. All this was possible because my travel companion, my dear friend József Kosárka, great wine expert and huge connoisseur of Tokaj, guided me on a fantastic visit where I learned a lot about the region. With him I visited several producers, but the visit to Szepsy was unforgettable and charming for various reasons. First of all Istvan Szepsy has a small winery, the thing is really familiar, and so it received me in a very informal way. Obviously, he told me the history of the property and the family, explained the different terroirs, the grape varieties and the soils (had an impressive collection of rocks on top of a large table) among so many other things. However, it wasn't because I did all this that I was impressed, after all, he's very used to receiving journalists and I interviewing producers. What fell in love with me most was the enthusiasm with which I answered my questions, as if I never wanted me to leave with some restia of doubt. You explained everything to me in the small est. And yet he gave me a lot of wines to taste, not if I got out of there disappointed with something. And that's of enormous generosity! His and József, who guided me on this adve
nture. In a few days I'll be back in Tokaji, this time with trywine enophiles. Is there any better way to remember the last time I was there than to open my very special bottle of Szepsy Aszu 6 Puttonyos? A dream. It filled my soul. The wine is gone... until the last drop.