Eat and drink well on the beach

There is a new food spot on the Costa da Caparica. It involves young chefs with genica who make author's kitchen relaxed and based on national products. The concept also goes through a welness center and a guesthouse.   

Gregory Bernard's story is the same as that of many other foreigners who have come to Portugal.  French, successful entrepreneur, investor in various business areas, cultured and traveled man, fell in love with our country and came more often. At one point, he elected Costa da Caparica to found the Dr. Bernard project at CDS Beach on 8 April 2018. The name is a tribute to Gregory's father, Jean Antoine Bernard, a doctor of profession, to whom his son wanted to show that health goes beyond a diagnosis and medical treatment, since he believes in a healthy lifestyle without stress, which goes through taking care of the body and me Nte.

To promote his philosophy, Gregory invested in an author's kitchen restaurant, but without pretensions, based on biological, national and seasonal products; and in a Wellness centre, which operates in a space next to the restaurant, in front of the beach, where you can practice yoga and pilates; and even a small surf school. There are still three guest houses, for those who want to stay overnight, but all in a very alternative and 'cool' style.

The offer is varied, but what differentiates this project is undoubtedly the Ona restaurant, explored by We Can Ona, a company that assembles 'pop up' restaurants, called to perform in various spaces, here and outside. Luca Pronzato (28 years old, ex-Noma) and Patrícia Pombo (29 years old, ex-Prado) are the company's managers, friends and both with experience in the area, acquired in restaurants and bars abroad and in Portugal. To complete the team, they went to find people they had worked with before and with equal experience. The 'assembly' of restaurants differs from place to place (in this case, the space was thought to be a beach restaurant) and concept, which here goes through a menu of Portuguese food, with quality organic products, all with very good presentation, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Do not wait for this to find dishes 'Michelin', but rather a relaxed kitchen, with good presentation, designed by a team of dynamic chefs, including João Baião (ex-Minerva), Marin Colomes (ex-Septime), Miguel Feliciano (ex-Blue Hill) and Miguel Diniz (former Londoner). Weekly, the restaurant also welcomes other Portuguese and foreign chefs, who are invited to come show their work at the restaurant.

The menu consists essentially of snacks, including Oysters of Sado, black pork bifanas, sausage, octopus, cod confifitado, amoes, grilled fish and cockbigan rice, among others, all from local producers. Desserts are also simple, delicious and well presented, highlighting the almond pie with ice cream. In addition, there is also a good list of varied wines, about 60 biological and natural wines, of the most different styles and regions/countries. Before being explored by We Can Ona since April this year, the space operated only as a bar.

In October, when the company leaves to open new pop up restaurants (one is already planned this year in Paris and two for next year in Switzerland and the Netherlands) the good news is that dr. Bernard will continue to work with the same concept that is in place, based on the work of young chefs full of grit, and quality products, mostly from local suppliers.