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The Eugénio de Almeida Foundation is the new owner of Tapada do Chaves, in Frangoneiro, around Portalegre. Brand recovery is a mission.

After a long period fallen into oblivion, Tapada do Chaves, alentejo property and name of a brand that made history in Portugal, was acquired in July 2017 by the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation (FEA), which now wants to relaunch it. The idea is to conquer again the fame that wines have achieved in the past, through the recognition of their quality and genuineness.

After the purchase, several measures have already been taken. The first was to recover the usual image, which although traditional was properly modernized / styled by the atelier Albuquerque Design. Alongside the image, systematizing the vineyard company was an essential step, which allowed winemaker Pedro Baptista to study these vineyards further.

Because it is a niche project, the wines will not be present in supermarkets but only in canal Horeca (restaurants and wine cellars), which has all the logic, since of the 60 hectares of the property, only 32 hectares are vineyards (24 varieties paints and 8 varieties and it is not intended to increase production with grapes from other properties. In the middle of these numbers, there is still a treasure jewel, old vineyards, being the oldest of 1901 (of painted varieties) and 1903 (of white varieties).  In the 1.5 hectare of painted varieties we find Trincadeira , Tinta Francesa and Castelão and, on the three and a half hectares of white varieties, Arinto, Wardrobe, Tamarez, Assario and Fernão Pires. Interestingly, these varieties of old vineyards were already separated, not to the mixture, as was common at the time.

The recovery of these old vineyards by filling out faults in the land with genetic material of these same vineyards is another of the ongoing works, as well as the recognition of castes throughout the property. A work in charge of winegrower João Torres, who must happily walk life with this mission.

This ant's work is already allowing the brand to re-assume itself for the quality it has always had. All The Tapada do Chaves now launched (the white 2017, the red 2013 and the red Vinhas Velhas 2010) have as a guiding thread a great minerality, freshness, balance and great aging potential.  

Tapada do Chaves was acquired in July 2017 by the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation, which has now relaunched the

Tapada do Chaves began in the early years of the 20th century, when Mr. Chaves planted the first vineyards on his small estate (covered), the first vineyards. In 1920, the property was acquired by Joaquim da Cruz Baptista, who began exploring the trademark Tapada do Chaves from 1961, dating from the first bottled wine. The main destination of these wines was the reference Lisbon restoration, which contributed to its rapid and significant recognition.

Gertrudes Fino, daughter of Joaquim da Cruz Baptista, was the one who contributed the most to the dissemination of the brand, being the main responsible for the fame and prestige of the wines, which quickly began to be awarded and became a reference.

At the end of the nineties, the property also belonged to the Murganheira Caves before moving into the hands of the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation, the current owner.