Fernando Alvim – Lead life with taste

Presenter of programs on TV and radio, humorist, organizer of various initiatives and shows, Fernando Alvim does everything a little. Wanting to get the best out of life can give you is a reality, and maybe that's why you like good food and good wine so much.

Interviewing Fernando Alvim is an adventure. But between laughter (which happened most of the time), ramblings and inspirations for new ideas (he doesn't stop, he's really a restless animal), there we can do this interview, or rather, a good conversation at the table.  

Alvim is from Mafamude, Vila Nova de Gaia, but likes to say that he is from the Douro, because his parents always took him there to spend the holidays, and both he and the two sisters loved it. "We stayed in the Douro for three months, and we still caught the harvests, it was a party. There was music, conviviality, the children stepped on the grapes, it was a joy!", says Alvim. "I am peaceful but there are two things where I am uncompromising, of which people can not say bad: the Douro and Benfica!" ends, well-disposed.

At the family table there was always wine, and so proved it early, for the age of 15. Dad drank whiter than red, and he also prefers whitepeople today. "I am an assumed whitephile. Red may be the best in the world, but I don't know... the reds don't usually get me down!'"

Having started working very early, and having entered the adult world early, he began to evolve in the palate, both at the level of the kitchen and wine. "I've been discovering the wines over time, but I still remember the difficulty in discovering good whites. I remember even most restaurants not serving him, who drank him was 'pussies'" (laughs) "Fortunately this has gone down in history and today there are excellent whites everywhere".

With regard to food, there are dishes that take it seriously such as octopus, goat, or a beautiful stewed tongue, an 'ex-libris' of his mother, 'who has always cooked very well'. When I was a kid, I also loved pasta, "only with butter, or with various combinations". Generally speaking, he likes everything, however, one of his 'childhood traumas' is cooked fish! "I really couldn't do it! Then I didn't like mackerel either, even the name is horrible. What fish does this name have? (laughs). Lastly, not like rabbit either, I don't know if it's because they're funny and cuddly, I should be so like that with chickens, but chickens like rabbit and rabbit don't!". (laughs).

The fact that he came to live alone for Lisbon, also came to improve the culinary vein, being his specialty several types of rice. "And it's always improvised, I like to invent at the time. I'm going to the fridge and see what I have." Discovering new restaurants and wines also moves you. In fact, there's an app on your phone that reminds you of things I'd like to do: "I love discovering new things and I'm addicted to lists. And it's those lists I have in the app. Restaurants where I want to go or go back, wines I want to taste, movies and music I want to hear, among other things."

With the energy you have, we believe you do all this and more.


Fernando Alvim is a radio and television presenter, editor, event organizer, cultural promoter. He has been radiosince he was 13 years old, having passed radio Energia, Rádio Nova Era, TSF, Radio Comercial and Antena 3, where he presents the program Prova Oral and the A330, two programs that since 2019 also have its television version on RTP1. In the middle, presented the Short Circuit, Good night Alvim, 5 for Midnight, Brings forward and It is the alvim life. It created festivals such as the Thermometer and Alternative Song Festival and initiatives such as the New Awards, the Dark Room, the Monsters of the Year, the Regatta of barquinhos a row, the Idiot Festival, among many others.  It has 5 edited books, is also A DJ and has a producer.