Filipa Moroso is the new Communications Director of APENO

In these two years of existence, communication has always been one of the strengths of the Portuguese Association of Oenotourism (APENO) that thus began to make known its mission, strategy and activities. The entry of Filipa Moroso to the team will further reinforce this stance.

As a Portuguese Association dedicated exclusively to Ecotourism, APENO increasingly recognizes the role of communication as a strategic part of its management. After all, it is through communication that it manages to promote interaction and dialogue between APENO and its associates, and the general public, but also add value to its services and activities, as he explains in a statement.

Increasingly committed to making the oenotourism sector a reference at national and international level, APENO intends to promote greater dialogue between its peers, making effective communication a fundamental service in its organization. Filipa Moroso will thus be an important reinforcement in the area of communication. A career journalist with experience in institutional communication and press relations, she now assumes the role of communications director of APENO. Supporting the construction of the sector through effective communication will be its main objective to make Wine tourism Portuguese a global benchmark.


He went through the weekly Expresso, where he stayed for more than a decade, followed by the weekly SOL, where he remained for another nine years and where he assumed the position of editorial coordination; until the advisory and the communication consultancy caused him to close the journalism book for good.

In the Area of Branded Content of the Observer, he returned to assume the editorial coordination of a team responsible for the digital communication of several clients - such as Sonae, EDP or NOS - and, more recently, entered the world of books, through the recognized Penguin Random House, an adventure that made her design the communication of various literary events in The Book Company.

Photo: Pedro Bettencourt