Henrique Garcia – Lost by reds

Despite being removed from the screens in 2018, Henrique Garcia is one of the best known national faces. An inescapable journalist on radio and television, was the face of RTP news and, more recently, TVI. It is a great connoisseur of traditional Portuguese food and reds that fill the measurements. However, it does not refuse other styles and likes to embark on new experiences.

Not everyone is born into a family where he cooks well, but Henrique Garcia was lucky. His mother, from Lisbon but with transmontana rib, made Portuguese cuisine like no one else. From his table was part of the red bean soup, the folded with white beans, the stewed beans, the grain cooked with cod, the baits, the machine with scrambled eggs and many more dishes to grow water in the mouth. In the fish, their preferences went to the sword fish, the snapper in the oven, the mullet, stuffed squid and seafood. Even on the hunting plates was a lucky since, being the hunter father, he brought home partridges, roles and birds. And, of course, there was also no shortage of the table "the wonderful transmontana bean, soaked by the fat of meats and sausages, which give it that special flavor". He ate what they put in front of him, but the soups (outside the red beans) was a superfluous eating them. "I've never liked soups, I hate turnips, cabbages, green vegetables, that sort of thing," he confesses. However, it does not pass without tomato, garlic and onion. And the olive oil. "I'd get to drink it in a glass."

Something that wasn't missing from meals either was wine. There was white, but most of the time it was the red that marked presence and, perhaps so it's still the style you prefer. He began to savor it as a teenager, for fifteen years, but gradually evolved into the palate, especially when he began working as a journalist and going out to dinner with colleagues and friends.  "I drank regularly, so it was a gradual process. I like reds better, it's true, but I'm starting to appreciate more and more white wines. I have also spent a phase of rosés and, of course, port wine. I've had more, i've had more, not even for that. But whenever I have opportunity and company I drink." Curious is also his preference for red green, not always consensual among consumers. "I like it very much, accompanied by regional gastronomy, of course."

Despite enjoying wines from various regions, he is more attracted by the Douro, Alentejo and Bairrada. Even so, he has been discovering other regions that have surprised him. "Our country is very rich, has incredible diversity and, moreover, the level of quality has increased a lot. Today good wine is made everywhere, even in the Algarve, for example". For this very reason, he is confused when he sees the offer on commercial surfaces: "There are thousands of wines. On top of that, I hate supermarkets, they're always changing the products on the shelves, including wine' (laughs).  He concludes: "I buy a wine faster by a friend's suggestion, than something that imposes on me in supermarkets or even in wine cellars."

At home there are wine bottles stored in a basement where the temperature is humid and constant. It also pays attention to cups and temperatures. And you think it's funny about some wine paraphernalia. However, it is not fanatical. "For me wine is, above all, pleasure. I really like to get home and go drinking a wine before dinner, to unwind. Then the enjoyment of a wine depends a lot on several factors. Under the circumstances, the environment around us, our state of soul, the company, what we are eating... ».


Born in Lisbon in February 1948, Henrique Garcia attended the Liceu Camões, the Faculty of Sciences and the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST).  He participated in photography, film and theater courses. In 1974 he joined the National Broadcaster and left Mechanical Engineering. He went through Antena 1 and Comercial Radio, where he coordinated programs such as 'The Egg of Colmbo' and the 'Adam's Apple'.  In 1979, he joined radio, television and became part of the rtp 2 newsroom. In 1986, he was one of the founders of a private broadcaster, Rádio Geste, lisbon (96.6 FM). The experience lasted seven years. In late September 2000, he left RTP and went to work for TVI, where he left in 2018.