Red hexagon, celebration of an icon

The first harvest of Hexagon was launched in 2000 by José Maria da Fonseca, having been born with the intention of producing a world-class wine produced from the Peninsula of Setúbal. It's been 20 years.

When in 1980 Domingos Soares Franco (right, pictured) was challenged by his brother, António Soares Franco (current CEO of the family company, José Maria da Fonseca, left in the photo) to make a special wine, a top of the range that would mark the difference, the young winemaker said to him: «Give me another twenty years to think about what I will do». A wine of that wingspan called for reflection and maturity. After many experiments, and twenty years later, Domingos finally arrived at his brother's foot with a bottle in his hand and said to him: "Is this the wine you wanted?". Thus was born the Hexagon, a high quality red, whose name symbolically represents 'Six Sides, Six Castes, Six Generations'.

According to Domingos Soares Franco, the experiences to make this wine were numerous "I tried to make this wine with eight varieties, then with seven, but could not get the result I wanted. I ended up being able to find the balance with six varieties and also tested several types of French oak barrels", explained the winemaker. The aim of producing this wine was precisely to reflect "the work done in the vineyard and in the winery, and to achieve an international profile, of great freshness, elegance, balance and great aging potential".

Hexagon was produced with Touriga Nacional varieties (25.3%) | Touriga Franca (13.8% | Red Dog (22.1%) | Trincadeira (9.7%) | Syrah (19.4%) | Tannat (9.7%), and has remained so since the first harvest, varying only in the percentages of the grape varieties from year to year. Being a high quality wine, it comes out only in the best years, so far in the harvests of 2000, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2014, and now, the 2015). At the 2015 harvest, the grapes were trodden in a stainless steel lagar, where they fermented at 27ºC for about six days. In the oak casks, the wine remained in fine lees for three months. During this period bâtonnage was made. After the first transfer, the wine returned to the same hooves. At the end of this stage, another transfer was carried out, followed immediately by bottling, without filtration or stabilization. Finally, the wine aged in new half-barrels of French oak for ten months and was bottled in 2019.

Dense and charged red color, it is a red of aroma of red fruits, violet and notes of black tea and tobacco to complement. Wood very well integrated, both in aroma and palate of great complexity and freshness. Engaging and with long end of mouth.

During the launch event of Hexagon 2015, held at the company's headquarters, the José Maria da Fonseca Museum House, in Vila Nogueira de Azeitão, Domingos Soares Franco also revealed that 2017 will be the next harvest to be launched, but is still waiting to reach its maximum balance. It's worth being patient.