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Eternal homage

Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo recently launched AETERNUS, a rare and special wine that honors businessman Américo Amorim and marks at the same time the celebration of the family's 20th anniversary in the wine business.

Américo Amorim, the one who was the richest man in Portugal, was also the only portuguese in the 2016 'ranking' of Forbes magazine's 500 richest, with a estimated at more than EUR 4 billion. Full-hand businessman, entrepreneur, has acted in sectors as diverse as cork, banking, tourism and wine.  It was, above of all, a man with enormous energy, vivacity and intelligence, who in the family had their harbor of shelter. It is in honor of this man who is now cast this powerful wine - AETERNUS - produced with grapes from the property the Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, acquired by itself in 1999. 

It was at the Albertina Ferreira de Amorim Foundation in Santa Maria da Feira, where she was born and raised, and a place where the family still meets today to spend Christmas, that Luísa Amorim - daughter of Américo Amorim and responsible for family business in the wine sector - received several guests for the launch of this special wine.  

The wine launch took place at the Albertina Ferreira de Amorim Foundation.
Photos : Mariana Abreu

In the year in which the twenty years of Quinta Nova at the hands of the family, Luísa Amorim delivered a speech emotional about the father, tracing not only his professional career but also the their personality and the love they felt for the family, a fact that led them to want launch this wine from the harvest of 2017, year its death. "When I spoke about himself, played with eternity and said he wanted to last up to the 100 years.  I always did what I thought... And still recently in an interview said he did what he liked, and how that I'd give you a lot of pleasure, i was going to go on. I thought there was still a lot to do," said Luísa amorim in her emotional speech. So was born the idea of making this wine.  

Passionate about the Douro, the terraces of the centuries-old vineyard and by the miles of shale walls that enriched the region over the times, Américo Amorim quickly found in the beauty of Quinta Nova de Nossa Lady of Carmo the realization of an old dream. In 1999 it acquired the property, officially marking the amorim family's entry into the production of high quality wine. Twenty years past, the project is a indispensable reference in the history of Portuguese wines. Last year, the Amorim family also advanced with the purchase of Quinta de Taboadella, in Dão, to act in two classic regions of enormous potential and future. The official launch is scheduled for 2020.

A striking wine

2017 was an extremely dry and warm year, where the evolution of climatic conditions resulted in the significant advance of the vegetative cycle, making the harvest one one of the earliest memory of memory. The prolonged absence of rain and high temperatures until June had a major impact on the vineyards, leading to loss of production, namely due to dehydration in the clusters, leading to an increase in concentration.

With Nature showing all its unpredictability, it was necessary to convene the extensive experience of the wine and viticulture team of Quinta Nova, led by the duo Jorge Alves and Ana Mota (winemaker and winegrower) who, at the right time, knew how to intervene and face one of the toughest vintages ever. However, the result was surprising, starting with Aeternus, an enthralling wine, with enormous concentration, complexity, with excellent freshness and persistence.

Luísa Amorim (left), winemaker Jorge Alves and winegrower Ana Mota. Photo: Mariana Abreu

The AETERNUS comes from the best centenary vineyard of Quinta Nova de Nossa Lady of Carmo, planted in solid shale rocks over about 2.5 hectares, with an average production of only 0.4 kg per plant. He expresses with fidelity to the distinct terroir of the region, combining the robustness of the varieties indigenous peoples with human perseverance, in an affirmation of the classic profile of the the sophistication of its character and longevity, as well as the remarkable history and journey of the man who inspires him. The production of this wine boils down to the 3,566,000 bottles, and will only be released in years of excellence. The PVP recommending is 140€.