Inês Maria Meneses – Drink with her

It's an unmistakable voice and a conversational exercise, either on radio or television. But this time the conversation was not in the studios, but around the table, savoring a nice glass of wine.

He was born in Lisbon but spent his childhood in the north, in Mindelo (Vila do Conde), a fact that allowed him to feed on fresh produce all year round. "This tendency of chefs to pick up fresh produce in the vegetable garden, I always had. My parents would pick it up from the vegetable garden, including vegetables that weren't very common at the time. We must have been the first to have arugula in Mindelo. Then the meats all came from the yard, the chickens, the rabbits... and the fresh fish, right there from the beach next door."  Perhaps for this reason Inês Maria Meneses has a great sensitivity to aromas and flavors, especially those who remind her of childhood. "at the time we never value it, but today I feel privileged to have grown up in this rural environment," she says.

One of his favorite dishes is rice: seafood is the one of choice, but also mentions tomato rice with little jasmines, risottos and so many other rices that do their doom. He prefers fish, "because it's lighter", so it rarely eats meat. There is also a special snack made by his father, "peppers cooked with wine, then placed in a jar of clay, from where you are eating", which also delight the palate. That's not why I'm surprised that, right after i started working, at the age of 16, i spent part of the food pay. "I really enjoyed going out to dinner with friends, I'd rather buy food for clothes. I'm still doing it!". Today, already the mother of a 7-year-old daughter, tries to pass on to her the pleasure of food and the discovery of new flavors. "She eats well and, interestingly, loves salads, which is not very usual in children"!    The wine, you don't remember when you started enjoying it. He remembers the ritual his father did after tasting a good wine: "I drank a little and, in the end, took a click with his mouth and said: Valiant! Formidable! It was very funny." The real taste for wine will have started late, "with maturity", perhaps from the age of 30, when it also began to go more often buy reds, their favorites. "I'm not very white, they're a little acidic, I prefer the involvement of reds," he explains. One thing is certain: he struggled to make up for lost time. Drink wine every day for meals and don't forgive when friends take you banal wines when you go home. It's not one of those who bets on the safe value. He likes to taste new wines but confesses that she is not so risky in the regions. "I like the Douro very much, I also drink Alentejo and, more recently, I have been discovering dão».

Her taste for food and wine also led her to write about restaurants, with a brand of humor, for Saturday magazine. "It was a good experience, I got to know several restaurants. And I started to better understand the high kitchen when I first went to Belcanto, then I realized I was going to another level." He also realized what special wines are when they gave him a 'Old Barca'. "I kept him waiting for a special event, but as it was taking time to arrive, one day I couldn't resist and drank it. I did well, it was a unique experience!". You did really well, after all, life is too uncertain and short not to enjoy a good wine.


He started radioing at the age of 16, which, along with writing, are his passions. He went through Nova Era radio and, at the invitation of José Alberto Carvalho, went to work for the TSF of Porto, and later in Lisbon, where he ended up staying twelve years. At the same time, he also worked at XFM and presented the 'Short Wave', a short film program at RTP2.

His voice multiplied by other works: it was the voice of SIC Mulher, where he was also part of the program 'Prazer dos Diabos'. On television he also gives the voice to documentaries and was part of the group of interviewers of the weekly program 'So much to Talk', on RTP2. He was also part of the panel of the program Irritações, at Sic Radical, where he returned now with his program 'Talk to Her', which after 13 years on the air, on Radar, met television format. (Repeats in Sic Mulher and Sic Notícias).

On Radar also makes daily issuance every morning, and with Pedro Mexia, the PBX in partnership with expresso. Keep your "10 Questions" page on expresso since 2015.

In Antena 1 makes Julio Machado Vaz the program, 'O Amor é' for 11 years (in recently edited book). He wrote in the press, under alias, "Sex and Cidália." In Saturday magazine, he criticized restaurants.