Investing in large

Aveleda, the largest producer and exporter of Vinho Verde, has made large investments in recent years that translate into the increase of its vineyard area from 150 to 600 hectares and the continuous improvement of the wine tourism area.   

The first records of the sale of bottled wine at Quinta da Aveleda date back to 1870, by the hand of Manuel Pedro Guedes (1837-1899), great entrepreneur and the founder of the business. Today, the company continues to belong to its descendants, who are already in the fifth generation, always committed to maintaining the family legacy and the quality of wines. This demonstrates the new strategic plan, already under development, which integrates the plantation of 200 hectares in the parish of Santa Maria de Cabração, in Ponte de Lima; and the remaining hectares around the farm, in Penafiel, and in other sub-regions of Vinhos Verdes.

This investment will allow Aveleda to increase not only the production of wine in the Vinho Verdes region, but also to strengthen its role as a market leader, since it is one of the largest producers in Portugal, also present in the Douro, Bairrada and, more recently, algarve regions. Annually exports more than half of its production to more than 70 countries.

The planting of new vineyards is part of Aveleda's new investments

However, also in the area of oenotourism, large investments were made, which allowed to increase the supply of activities on the farm. If there were already very complete programmes, now the offer is even wider. A visit to the gardens already existed and is mandatory. There are more than 10 hectares full of secular trees, among which stand out redwood, rose and almost one hundred species of cameltrees. In one of the old buildings of the farm there are also two rooms that extend through a panoramic balcony, from which you lose the view over a horizon of vineyards, perfect for receiving groups and wine tastings. In the old cellar, emblematic place where the farm's spirits age, you can feel the weight of tradition.

The most recent investments passed through the old terrace of the thresel, the target of intervention by the Architect Diogo Aguiar, which resulted in a large space, with shop and tasting room, led by the old stables and stables. In the shop, we find not only the products of the farm (including cheeses, jams or dried fruits), but also wines from other regions produced by Aveleda. Between the tasting room and the store, Vinoteca delights the most knowledgeable oenophiles, since you can acquire old aveleda crops, rare to find in the market. At the top of the stairs, we also find a mezzanine divided into two wings, for a more exclusive and private wine tasting.

Old Terreiro da Eira
Aveleda Store
Wine cooler
Old Kitchen

of the most requested activities is to make bread, in the old kitchen. It is an old structure of the farm, equipped with two stone ovens where you can cook wood; and a base for cooking in iron pots. Next door, there is a small dining room traditionally decorated, where you can enjoy the bread. Finally, the auditorium, perfect for presentations and business meetings. With all these novelties, it is not surprising that this new wine project, with wine tourism included, is considered by Aveleda, the most relevant developed, to date, in the Demarcated Region of Green Wines.

Photographs: Fernando Guerra and Aveleda Archive