King of piglets inaugurates shop

Licínia Ferreira and António Paulo Rodrigues continue to innovate in the Restaurant Rei dos Leitões and open a store where you sell everything a little. All to please customers.

Who does not resist a good piglet dish and know bairrada, it is impossible not to stop in the King of Piglets, currently one of the most famous restaurants in the region. And it's not for less, since there not only sells piglet but also other kitchen dishes portuguese for those who like to have options other than the animal. 

The space, which belonged to the uncles of Licínia, began as a tavern, where he stopped for a glass of wine. Until in May 1947, on a Mealhada rising and holiday Thursday, uncles decided to bake a piglet and put it up for sale to celebrate the date. The initiative was successful. From this date, the King of piglets begins his gastronomic history.

Licínia Ferreira and António Paulo Rodrigues

Later, with his father weakened and unable to help her, Licinia suddenly found herself with the responsibility of the restaurant in the hands. If by 2010 the King of piglets was another restaurant in the region, from that date, realized that he had to innovate to continue the business left by their uncles. It was necessary to ensure the future of the house. This is when Paulo Rodrigues, licínia's husband. Training accountant, worked at Caixa Geral de Depósitos and Santander, having been him to help her in making important decisions they made of the King piglets a reference restaurant.

One of the first changes was the color of the façade. In white he went to love alive, which makes everyone who passes notice the restaurant. The car park is now much more spacious, for the convenience of customers, and the décor was other of the points to be changed. From a common restaurant, it began to have an elegant atmosphere, where dynamic employees in uniform run the precept. In the kitchen, great investments were also made. All the details that over the years have caused them to start being sought by another type of clientele and become a reference. On the menu, the piglet continues to exist, obviously, but there are also other types of dishes and snacks, including fish, which delight the lovers of good gastronomy. As well as a wine list, one of the most complete in the country, with numerous references from the various national regions.  

The new shop is located outside the restaurant, where the wine cellar was located.

How do you don't know how to be quiet, Licinia and Paul recently decided to open a store called 'A Adega do Rei' – located in a building next to the restaurant, where formerly it was the wine cellar – which, in addition to wines from various producers national authorities, also has spirits and vinegars, sweets, preserves, ballballs and chocolates, books, burel blankets and linen bags, among other products. According to Paul, innovating and wanting to do better, it is a permanent goal. And we thank you!