Leave the Rest? No, I won't!

How to leave a wine with such a funny name, produced with white grapes from a centuries-old vineyard, planted in frank standing, and with a vibrant freshness? There's no way to leave any leftovers.  

After working more than ten years with winemaker Paulo Laureano, and since 2012 with producer José Mota Capitão, António Rosado absorbed knowledge and accumulated experience in the study of Portuguese grape varieties. It is not surprising that he has now launched himself into the adventure of making his own wine, a special white made from old vineyards that he found by the sea and the village of 'Deixa o Resto', situated between Melides and Santo André. This village grew along National Road 261. According to history, it is called because the men of that region stopped in a well-known tavern where today is the locality, where they spent all their money. Drinking was what gave them encouragement, so they said at the end, already resigned: 'Leave the Rest'. And so the village was baptized, and now the wine of António Rosado.  

Let's get back to the wine. Since 2014, António walked through that area with José Mota Capitão, to explore the genetic potential of the vineyards along the Alentejo coast. This is how he found this rare garden, an hectare of vineyards over 100 years old, planted in a free standing (without rootstock, contrary to what is normal, after phylloxera) where he found a good spot of the Boal variety, some feet of Arinto, Moscatel, among many others.

The 2019 harvest was the first to be born and, from now on, the idea is to always make the wine from the grapes of that vineyard. It has about 70% Boal, complemented with the other varieties existing in the vineyard and, although not certified, is produced as if it were a organic wine. 'It is a minimum intervention wine, fermented in 500 litre balseiros and with 4 months of bâttonage. I produced a small amount, 1400 bottles of 0.75 cl and 200 magnuns," says the winemaker who, in addition to selling directly, has his wine sold in selected spaces such as Garrafeira de Cascais, Mr. Santos da Garrafeira de Campo de Ourique or the site .

This white that marks his debut as a producer, will be the beginning of an adventure where he wants to grow to the taste of the wind. "I didn't go looking for this project, this wine just fell into my lap," says António Rosado. "I want the same thing to happen with other wines that I produce in the future. I want to make different wines, where quality and difference prevail above all, whether in the region of the Peninsula of Setúbal, where I made the Leave the Rest, or in other regions", he ends.

Mineral and saline aroma, with fruit still contained but still with much to give, it is a wine of excellent structure, with good unctuosity, elegant, vibrant acidity and long finish. A white man who's already making history.