Lisbon featured

CVR Lisboa has launched a book on its wine region, with the aim of promoting and disseminating its richness and diversity.

Recently launched in the cold greenhouse, the new book 'A Alma dos Vinhos de Lisboa', reinforces the increasing visibility that the region has in the national vitivinicola panorama. A book that speaks of the castes and the different territories of the region, which tells us their histories and their particularities, which tells us about the Atlantic influence and its maritime potential, and also of its culture and built memory. The farms of the producers, increasingly and better, show well the grit that the region has been showing over the last few years; and the gastronomic connections between food and wine, designed by Patricia Serrado, and nine guest chefs, leave anyone mouth-watering.

The drivers of this project were José Sá Fernandes (until the date of its launch councilor in the City Council of Lisbon) and also Francisco Toscano Rico (President of the Regional Vitivinicola Commission of Lisbon) who to make it a reality formed a winning team and that resulted in a large work. In addition to the written content, prepared by journalist Patrícia Serrado (who also coordinated the project), Vasco Avillez (an inescapable figure in the history of Portuguese wines and a great storyteller) and João Valente (sports journalist who deepened in this book the part of his sporting maritime potential); the graphic context was also taken into account, making known the talented design of João Pedro Rato and photographic record of Ricardo Junqueira, who so well value the Lisbon region. André Teodoro (Marketing Reponsável at CVR Lisboa) was in charge of the project management, which resulted in a book of great and heavy respect, which in his words makes known "the weight of the Lisbon region". Words that go to what the president of the Wine Commission of the Lisbon Region, Francisco Toscano Rico, says, when he reveals that in 2020, Lisbon reached export numbers never before achieved. "Our vocation in internationalization is strong, there has been growth in exports. Situated between 12% and 13%, which means we are talking about more than 60 million bottles or more. That is why it is the highest record ever for the history of the Lisbon region, this at the macro level, both in the foreign market and in the national market," he said during the presentation of the book's launch.

Francisco Toscano Rico (left) and José Sá Fernandes.
The book's launch took place at Estufa Fria in Lisbon

For José Sá Fernandes, who is now removing from his duties as councillor in the City Council of Lisbon, "it was a pride to support this book" reveals. And he shoots "I feel that the region already deserved something like this and now that I'm leaving I feel the duty done".

During the event, presented by those who write to you, there was also time to discuss the importance and dynamics of oenotourism in the territory, as well as its valences and potentialities; just as it was revealed how the countess were realized. "I had the opportunity to walk and get to know the territory of Lisbon better, I was very well received by the producers, Tasted the wines and noticed their enormous quality and potential. It was a long lived project, and only then could we have this final result", revealed Patricia Serrado, the coordinator of the project. Inserted in this book are also contents produced by João Valente, surf journalist, and José Avillez, inescapable name of Portuguese wine, which told some of the stories related to the region.

At the end of the event, there was also time for José Sá Fernandes to deliver the 'Green Award' to all those involved in the project, as a way of recognizing the work developed.

During the event there was time to talk about the production of the book. From left to dirt: André Teodoro (Project Manager); João Valente (sports content); Maria João de Almeida (journalist and presenter of the event); Patrícia Serrado (journalist and content coordinator) and Vasco Avillez (inescapable figure of the world of wine, who also produced some of the stories in the book).
Another moment of the event was the debate on the Importance and Dynamics of Ecotourism and the Valences of the Territory. From left to right: Pedro Folgado (CIM Oeste), Maria João de Almeida; Carlos João Pereira da Fonseca (Member of Commerce CVR Lisboa) and José Bernardo Nunes (Member of cvr Lisboa production)
José Sá Fernandes delivers Green Capital Awards to the team that produced the book.

A complete book

The contents of this book express the richness of the region and it is itself very complete. A work / album of respect, large format, with hardcover coated with fabric, and also with a graphic design and high quality photographs, as well as the written contents, in an appealing and accessible way to all. An impressive book, stored in a box that protects it, also lined with blue fabric.  

After the preface of Francisco Toscano Rico and José Sá Fernandes, the introduction is made by journalist Patricia Serrado, coordinator of the contents. From here, a trip through the Lisbon region begins, with a chapter dedicated to its terroir, followed by a selection of extraordinary castes and castes chosen by the producers. There is also no shortage of trips to the outside, the 9 denominations of origins, the light wine, the 9 waves to savor in moderation, 9 memories built, 9 moments of history, 9 preserved destinations, 9 wines and 9 chefs, 9 wine narratives, 9 festivities and 9 places in time. In the end, the book still makes known the wine producers of the Lisbon region and the authors of the work.