Longevity wines

Costa Boal launched the 2015 Homenagem white wine and two varietals of the Sousão and Red Cão varieties, both from 2017. Structured, fresh and holders of great aging capacity.      

António Costa Boal has been the heir to a family of small Duriense producers since 1857. Created in 2009, his company - Costa Boal - launched the first wines in 2011, in the region of Trás-os-Montes, starting, alongside, investments in the Douro, his homeland, namely in the recovery of the family's century-old winery, located in the village of Cabêda, Alijó. These wines now launched are from the Douro and make the difference by their quality and aging potential. Paulo Nunes, winemaker since the beginning of the project, is the defenders of the production of wines of great quality, of great longevity and with great aging potential, a profile very different from the initial route of DOC Douro wines, with excess alcohol, concentrated fruit and very ripe, without the acidity necessary for the aging of wine. In this logic, the Costa Boal Homenagem 2015 is a white that goes in a "new douro line", which implies "exploring micro plots of vineyards in higher areas of the Douro, which can ensure the balance between maturation and acidity of grapes without the need for great intervention in the winery, as is the philosophy of Costa Boal wines", explains the winemaker.  

Produced from grapes harvested in a vineyard located in Cabêda, Alijó, it is a batch wine with the varieties Códega de Larinho, Rabigato, Gouveio and Arinto. It had an 18-month internship in French oak barrels and was refreshed with a batch of the 2017 harvest, of the same plot, allowing to add liveliness to the wine and give it a very fresh and elegant profile that guarantees its longevity. The wine rounds in the cellars the PVP 65€.

The new costa boal white reserve thus joins the red Homenagem 2011, a wine also with guard capacity, launched in October 2019. These two top-of-the-line labels of the producer are also a tribute to António's father, Augusto Boal, winemaker all life in the Douro.

Claw varietals

The new monocaste Sousão and Red Cão varieties are the new Monocaste Sousão and Red Cão - they have a great freshness as their common matrix, being very well marked acidity. Very old douro grape variety, historically used to balance lots that lacked acidity, Tinto Cão was harvested in a vineyard located in Vilar de Maçada, Douro, and provides "an exceptional phenolic maturation", values Paulo Nunes, shooting «Gave me much enjoyment accompanying the harvest of this variety. We don't need to reach 13 degrees of alcohol content in order to have the richness of tannins, which will allow the wine to age nobly." With an internship in French oak barrels for 16 months, Costa Boal Tinto Cão 2017 presents an elegant and fresh palate, revealing great balance in the ensemble.

Equally striking in terms of acidity, The Costa Boal Sousão 2017 reveals excellent structure and volume of mouth, providing, by all its qualities, a wine of long guard. The typical variety of Minho was conquering space in the Douro and integrates the vineyards of the Costa Boal in that wine region. Wine with intense and opaque color, common in the grape variety, Costa Boal Sousão made alcoholic fermentation in lagar for 8 to 10 days with continuous work and controlled temperature. Aged in French oak barrels for 16 months. It features lively and elegant tannins and high acidity. Both wines have pvp around 35€.

Photographs: Ricardo Palma Veiga