Martim Cabral – Life of 'bon vivant'

Martim Cabral was caught off guard. I didn't notice anything about restaurants or hotels, but it was his who remembered to enter the program 'Go is the Best Remedy', in partnership with a colleague, journalist Teresa Conceição. That's how he began to discover some of life's best pleasures. Since then, you haven't wanted anything else.

Martim Cabral is a well-known face of the screens. Recognized Portuguese journalist and former deputy director of SIC, he did a program for five years that highlighted the best there is in Portugal in the area of hospitality, restaurants and wine producers.

Those who see him on television to lecture on these places, all top spots, will imagine with certainty that the journalist was born in the midst of divine delicacies that hone his palate. But no, on the contrary. At the account of his father, who was invited to represent and manage some business of Portuguese entrepreneurs in the USA, the whole family emigrated, and for many years Martim fed on burgers, sausages and french fries. The cooked mother and Rosalina, a minhota maid who emigrated with them, who made good dishes of traditional Portuguese cuisine, escaped from this unhealthy diet. "Who is born in that gets used to it, and the truth is that at that time I didn't turn on any food. I didn't care about eating sausages and burgers every day... However later I learned to like other things, but I confess that I still like to eat this kind of food to kill homesickness!". (laughs).  

Only at the age of 16, when he returned to Portugal, remembers 'that everyday food, spaghetti with croquettes or with white sauce, cod à Gomes de Sá, cod with grain or meat roll",the latter one of his favorites. "There is also a dish I ate at an aunt of mine in alentejo that I never forgot: fried chicken blood. I'd go to the heat and look like a very thin steak, a delight!", he concludes. In the sweets, he was lost by pastry cakes, an 'addiction' that at age was left behind and now he doesn't even feel like it anymore. As for the dishes you don't like, don't give him a little cow's hand, pig ears, co-entry or marrow feet, among other things of the same kind. "I don't like it and I'll never like that style of dishes! That's all very viscous, it's glued to the mouth, I can't, arghh!". (laughs).

However, as an adult, he continued to pay much attention to food, since as a journalist from the international area he was always traveling between Portugal and England, the country where he lived, worked and married, and where the food was also nothing special. Interestingly, the real taste for food and wine comes with the program 'Go is the Remedy Mehor'. "Before i got married, i only invested in more cared for food when I wanted to win over a girl and take her to dinner at a more expensive restaurant" (laughs). It was my way to the program that opened my eyes to both food and wine level. Before, I only drank beer and other drinks. Now I've dropped everything and I only drink wine!" he explains.

The opportunity to enter the program came when one day Alcides Vieira - at the time sic's information director - enters his office with Teresa Conceição and makes her the proposal. "I thought the idea was absurd, I told him I didn't understand any of these areas. But he ended up convincing me when he told me that I was just going to work for top places, super luxurious!". (laughs).  


He was born in Lisbon (1952) but began traveling early. From 9 to 16 years he lived in the USA, finishing his secondary already in Portugal. He later studied Economics at university but interrupted due to April 25. He then studied for London, where he came up with the opportunity to work at the BBC, holding various positions until 1992, when Francisco Pinto Balsemão invites him to come to work for SIC as an international editor. After a while, he returned to work at the BBC another 3 years, but it was at SIC that he was left definitively, having reached the channel's deputy director of information. As a co-presented reporter, with Nuno Rogeiro, the program 'Society of Nations'; and from 2010 to 2016, the heading 'Go is the Best Remedy' with journalist Teresa Conceição, a program where it makes known the best hotels and restaurants in Portugal. After its departure from SIC, it remains a good fork and appears in specific items of gastronomy in this season.