Melgaço valados, family wines

The wines produced in Quinta de Golans, in the sub-region of Monção and Melgaço, are part of a family project in the Vinho Verde region that wants to raise the Alvarinho grape variety to its maximum exponent.

After taking Industrial Production Engineering and systems, at the University of Minho, and of his life take other directions, nothing I'd say that one day Artur Meleiro would think about agriculture again. But the pet of wine and vineyard returned in great force, waking him up to childhood memories and a new reality.  

The producer was born in Quinta de Goulães and, since he was a kid, he became accustomed to accompanying his father and grandfather in the wine ways. The property is based on a four-hectare vineyard area dispersed, in several plots located in Melgaço (including vineyards over 50 years old), belongs to his family for several generations, and in the past the grapes were sold to local producers and a part for home consumption was also vinified. However, when he realized the potential of the grapes, Arthur decided to create the Valados de Melgaço brand to bottle, since 2013, the year of the first harvest. The case began to become more serious with the establishment of a company two years later, and today the project is taking up much of its time. Today, not only do you wine with grapes from the farm, but now it is the one who buys to producers who guarantee you grapes of excellence for their wines.

Currently, Artur Meleiro's company plays in the market with two own brands, Valados de Melgaço and Quinta de Golans. Valados de Melgaço for wines 100% of the Alvarinho grape variety, (tasted the Valados de Melgaço Alvarinho Reserva and the Valados de Melgaço Espumante Alvarinho Extra Bruto) and Quinta de Gollães (which are the wines always produced on thursday, Quinta de Gollães Branco das varieties Alvarinho, Trajan and Loureiro; and Quinta de Golans red, with a balanced acidity and freshness, produced from regional grape varieties). All whites, some with more or less structure, reveal good freshness and minerality, although during the race I stood out on the palate the Valado de Melgaço Alvarinho Reserva, a wine with spine, very well structured, fresh and elegant, and the Sparkling Glass of Natural Crude Melgaço, fine bubble, dry, mineral and with good acidity which, from what I realized, is the latest product.

Being in a privileged region for the production of fresh, moderate alcoholic wines, Artur Meleiro promises to remove the greater potential of their castes through more ancestral techniques of winemaking, in Portuguese wood, oak or walnut vats, without sulfurous to accelerate fermentation. Wines produced the most natural surprise by their quality.

The company exports only 5% to France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, mainly, but the idea is to quickly reach 60% by extending the market to the United States, Japan and Germany, among others. In the domestic market, Valados de Melgaço is present on horeca channel, in addition to being sold to private customers.