Stripped of pretensions

The new Vicentino Pinot Noir Naked 2019 is a red prepared with a French variety of difficult cultivation, which found on the Atlantic coast a terroir of choice. A red that explores the genuineness of the caste, without recourse to barrels.

We know that the Burgundy region produces some of the best wines of the Pinot Noir variety, so it is not surprising that many producers worldwide want it in their vineyards. It is a difficult variety, sensitive to humid and cold climates, and difficult to vinify, needing constant vigilance and good technical tuning. However, despite its weaknesses and demands, when it finds the ideal conditions to develop, it is recognized worldwide as one of the best varieties for the production of passionate red wines. It is not surprising that Ole Martin Siem, a Norwegian businessman linked to the trade and export of fruit, who settled in Portugal, on the Vicentina coast, also chose to plant this grape variety in his vineyards.

Ole Martin Siem has traveled a lot around the world but it was in Portugal, in Brejão, near Zambueira do Mar, that he settled down and became fascinated by Alentejo wines. And there, by the sea, using his agricultural knowledge and experience, he recognized the ideal conditions for wine-growing.  It's been more than 30 years and still passionate about the region, its Vincentian coast, a place where the sea and the escarpments meet in a unique ecosystem, and where it planted the vineyards that gave rise to the vicentino wine range. This range is divided into four (West, East, Fog and Moonlight). With the release of this new red, the offer is even more complete.

Its versatility allows the Vicentino Pinot Noir Naked 2019 to be drunk alone or to accompany snacks or uncomplicated dishes.
Winemaker Bernardo Cabral (left) with businessman Ole Martin Siem

Pinot Noir Naked 2019 was made with grapes from vineyards implanted in clay-shale soil near the sea, which matured slowly and evenly. There, winters are humid and summers mild, with a constant fog and sea winds that contribute to the maximum expression of your terroir. The Naked in the name, means that goes naked, that is, is a red stripped of pretensions, which explores the genuineness of the caste, and therefore without recourse to the stage in barrels. Red and soft in hue, as the good Pinots usually are, in the aroma is fruity, evidencing notes of strawberries, raspberries and cherries. It is also evident a spice note. On the palate reveals the whole personality, being fruity, spicy, saline, relaxed but consistent, with a medium body and a pleasant finish. Its versatility allows it to be drunk alone, fresher than the usual reds, at 12 or 14 degrees (it is even very pleasant freshly drunk) or accompany snacks, an uncomplicated meal, such as a beautiful barbecue, or a dish of more fat and spicy fish.  

The oenology is signed by winemaker and wine consultant Bernardo Cabral, experienced in wines of Atlantic influence.