New FSF and DSF crops

José Maria da Fonseca is in the process of launching. Recently, the 2015 FSF harvest (Fernando Soares Franco) was presented; and also differentiated harvests from the Domingos Soares Franco Private Collection.

The first wine mentioned - FSF 2015 - whose first harvest refers to the year 1998, is a tribute to the father of António and Domingos Soares Franco, members of the 6th generation of the family. 

Born in 1918 and graduated in Agronomy, Fernando Soares Franco (Father of António e Domingos, President and Vice President / Director of Oenology, respectively) was always an innovator in the areas in which he was involved. Viticulture was his main activity, having been a great researcher, specializing in microvinifications. Graduated from the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, he studied the most appropriate varieties for cultivation in the demarcated region of the Setúbal Peninsula and it is also due to the expansion of the collection of varieties initiated by his brother. In addition he also dedicated himself to cheeses, a tradition that his son Domingos also maintains, producing cheeses with his own brand in Quinta de Camarate. 

His favorite varieties were Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tannat, Syrah, Trincadeira, Cabernet Sauvignon and Alvarinho. It was also due to its persistence that the last moscatel roxo vineyard in the region was maintained. For all that Fernando Soares Franco represents for José Maria da Fonseca, his son, Domingos Soares Franco, decided to create this FSF wine – Fernando Soares Franco, made with some of his father's favorite varieties: Trincadeira, Syrah and Tannat. In the aroma is fruity, complemented with notes of spices and some balsamic. The toast of wood is very well integrated, both in aroma and taste. Complex and structured on the palate, it has an excellent acidity and ends with a long finish. From this harvest, 2600 litres were produced, which aged in new French oak casks for a period of 9 months.

Private Collection

Special are also the wines of the Domingos Soares Franco Private Collection, idealized by the winemaker to present differentiating products to oenophiles. That translate your creative spirit and your passion for wines. In this collection, in each harvest, you always have the complete freedom to decide what wines you will make and how you will make them. The presentation of these novelties also ends up having a special meaning this year, because it comes in the celebration of its 40th harvest. They are the two new monovarietal reds - Private Collection DSF Malbec and Private Collection DSF Cabernet Sauvignon (both 2017) and the new harvest and packaging of the Private Collection DSF Moscatel Cognac 2001. Joining these wines was also in the tasting, the Private Collection DSF Riesling 2019, launched in August this year. This last wine is also special, produced from a vineyard planted in 2008 in the Northeast of the country, with an altitude of 630 meters and granite soil. According to Domingos this wine was created after his friend Paulo Hortas, winemaker and owner of the vineyard, asked him if he wanted his grapes to try making a Riesling. It is already known, the answer was affirmative, giving rise to a white of floral, citrus and mineral aroma, with good acidity and persistence.

In reds, Malbec stood out for its aroma of quality black fruits and balsamic notes. Fruity, with good complexity and elegant, pleases from the first sip. The last to be proven, Cabernet Sauvignon also stood out for the quality of the 2017 vintage, such as Malbec, but obviously presenting a different profile. More intense in aroma and present in the palate. In the aroma is fruity with vegetable and spice notes. Tannins are present in the palate, but not in an aggressive way, on the contrary, in a very balanced way. On the palate it presents with very present tannins and long finish of mouth. A wine full of personality.

Finally, the Private Collection DSF Moscatel Cognac 2001. In this wine was used a brandy from the region of Cognac, which gives this Moscatel complexity and structure. This has not been proven, but according to the producer's note is a wine 'amber in color, with aromas of apricot, yellow plum, apricot and orange zest. On the palate, it is very fresh and citrus with notes of apricot and toasted hazelnut, with a prolonged finish."