New crops and rare wine

Madeira Wine Company recently launched blandy's new crops but also MCDXIX, an exclusive and rare wine that filled only 600 bottles.

Portuguese navigators discovered the island of Porto Santo in 1418, after a major storm that moved the vessels off their route along the coast of Africa. After many days adrift of the high seas, they spotted the island of Porto Santo, whom they called Safe Harbor, since you saved them from a fateful fateful destination. One year after discovery from Porto Santo finally arrived on the island of Madeira (1419), so called by the abundance of this raw material.

It was to commemorate the maritime adventures of the Portuguese and the 600th anniversary of the discovery of the archipelago, that Madeira Wine Company launched a very special wine, a 'premium' Wood that results from a blend of eleven unique wines from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, traditionally aged and coming from five white varieties typical of Madeira: Sercial, Verdelho, Terrantez, Boal and Malvasia. Each numbered bottle (magnum) will be around 4,500 euros and only 600 will be released on the market.

For the winemaker of the Madeira Wine Company, Francisco de Albuquerque, was a 'great responsibility to make this old vintage, since it must be a memorable wine." To this end, it has tasted many wines of different ages by over several months, a work that gave rise to several samples. «This is a blend and somehow wanted the wine to evidence some of the characteristics of each caste. In medieval times, this is how the wine, everything was vinified in the mixture," says Francisco de Albuquerque. 

According to the winemaker, from the blend are very old wines, being the oldest of 1863 and the youngest of 2004. "On the palate you feel that it is a wine over a hundred years old, it is a remarkable wine that represents the great woods". And, I assure you, it is undoubtedly a complex wine, powerful but very balanced, with spice notes and excellent acidity.

Worked handmade, bottle and packaging passed by several hands until you gain the final body and shape. The discovery of the island and Portugal served as inspiration for the use of noble materials and for the most typical and traditional arts in the region such as vinhático, alcantara, silver and the national crystal, and also the wicker and madeiran embroidery.

In addition to this wine, during the event, three new harvests were known - Tinta Negra 2008 (Meio Seco); Verdelho 2008 (Medium Seco), Malmsey 2004 (Doce) – and three new franqueiras Tinta Negra 1995 (Doce); Sercial 1980 (Seco); Malmsey 1981 (Sweet).

About Madeira Wine Company

It is the leading company in production and export of Premium Madeira Wine. The company's origins date back to 1913 with the founding of the Madeira Wine Association, a trade association that aimed at promoting this generous in international markets, as well as the quality improvement and efficiency in production. In 1925, the Blandy families and Leacock joins the association, followed a few years later by families Miles and Cossart Gordon. The largest producing company was thus created and exporter of Madeira wine.

In the late years 70, madeira wine company associates, as it came to be known, a small number of founding families, even the Blandy family acquire a position of control in the company. Since the beginning of history in island the Blandys have been linked to this important sector of the regional economy and have always played a key role in the development of Madeira Wine. To develop and ensure an international distribution network and catapult commercially the company and its wines, made partnership with the Symington family - recognized producers of Port for more than 100 years – with the main objective of increasing sales. Consequently in 1989, the Symington constituted a partnership with the Blandy family and, since then, much of the time and effort is invested in improving the methods of production, strengthening in the distribution and promotion of the recognized MWC brands: Blandy's, Cossart Gordon, Leacock's and Miles. In recent years, the quality and excellence of Madeira Wine Company wines has been recognized with the most prestigious international specialty awards.