What was done at the LIDL Wine Fair

Attention! As Michelle Dubois, the resistance agent in Allo, Allo: 'listen very carefully, I shall say this only once' 

One of the big news this week is lidl's wine fair, which began today and will run until September 15. Don't lose, really! First, because the wines gave a lot of work to select; then, because whenever they go to the shops, I really want you to have thoughts like these: 'LIDL has better and better wines.' Or, 'Wow, I was able to buy amazing wines, some I didn't even know, and at a fair price.' Or: 'I always find wines at LIDL that surprise me, it's worth going there.' If my job wasn't on this path, I might as well go sing to another parish. The one who warns you your friend
is! Then run to the store and study the brochure thoroughly. It is divided between: Wines of everyday, Wines to take home friends, Wines for special dates, and Wines to offer. In the middle, there is still a didactic part about cups and temperatures. In the wines, there are good suggestions in all sections and here I highlight the latest. 
In the Wines of all Days should not fail to taste the Lagar de Penalva (Dão) or the Marquis of Marialva Harvest selected (Bairrada), both reds. Or the white and red Avidagos (from the Douro). Or the Peacock of Sneezing, red (from the Peninsula of Setúbal). From Setúbal I finally have the Cellar of Pegões Selected Harvest white, which for me is one of the best Portuguese whites in this price range. Couteiro Mor red, from Herdade do Menir (Alentejo) is another pleasant surprise. All of them at amazing prices for the quality they have. 
But the good examples don't end here. In the Wines to take home friends (wines that never embarrass us, which make us shine), we have the reds Vale de Passos (from Trás-os-Montes), Quinta do Ortigão Reserva (Bairrada) and the Old Boot (Douro). One of the wines I also really want you to try is a gem we got for this fair, a 'treat' that LIDL has for its customers, usually only found in the Horeca channel. It's white, it's called 5th Quinta do Lagar Novo and surprises by above-average quality. It's not every day that we have wines of this kind, believe me, and so it's an opportunity not to miss! They should also not miss the white Marquis of Marialva Arinto Reserva (Bairrada) and the Tyto Alba Protected Vineyards (Peninsula of Setúbal). Friends will be surprised... and you too! T
o finish my highlights, there is also the Morgado de Sta Catherina branco (from Lisbon, Bucelas) and the red Pombal do Vesúvio (from douro), more consistent wines, for special dates or more careful meals. 
Finally, in the Wines to offer - essentially generous Portuguese wines - we have finally introduced a Madeira wine, the Bual 5 years, madeira wine company. 
All these wines are news and are here for some reason. The main thing is, I want to make you know some good wines. Enjoy it! 😉