One wine, two regions

The new white of Partners in Creation is called DOTE and is a tribute to the marriage of producers, Joana Pratas and João Nápoles de Carvalho, in life and wine. The originality is that it is produced with grapes from two wine regions, Douro and Tagus.

Before we talk about the wine, the story. João Nápoles do Carvalho is from the Douro and settled there in 1996, aged only 19 years, to take care of a family property in Barcos, Tabuaço. The property, in the family since 1931, was bought by his great-grandfather Artur de Magalhães Pinto Ribeiro – founder and first president of Casa do Douro – to offer it to his daughter Margarida do Carmo, as a wedding gift. The dream of continuing the family legacy left by his paternal grandmother, caused João Nápoles de Carvalho to awaken to his true vocation, agriculture, graduating in agrarian management at UTAD, in Vila Real. In 2011, when she married ribatejana Joana Pratas, they began producing wine and had two children, Maria Teresa (in 2013) and António Maria (2014). The latest release is thus, and once again, a symbol of the family life of these 'Partners In Creation', but also a wine that unites Douro (DO) and Tejo (TE) in a single bottle.

The wine, produced from the 2018 harvest, is made with grapes from old vineyards from a plot of the 'house vineyard' (planted in 1977 on the family estate), and the grapes of Fernão Pires come from a vineyard of a cousin of Joana, in Cartaxo. Gathering grapes from two different regions may not be new, but it turns out to be the difference in a saturated wine market, and the challenge of producing it. Fermented and aged for 11 months in Hungarian oak barrels of 500 liters, it is a mineral white and fruity, with citrus notes, and well integrated wood. On the palate it has structure and unctuosity, with a good finish. A gastronomic and consistent white, which even surprises by its volume of alcohol (only 11.96%


The family property is located in Barcos, Tabuaço, in the Douro
Wines and olive oils from Partners in Creation

At the same time that they launched the DOTE, João Nápoles and Joana Pratas also made known the new harvests of other whites of their wine range, the Esteira 2019 and casa da Esteira Vinhas Velhas 2018 . The Treadmill, as the producers define, is the 'all-terrain' wine of Partners in Creation. A citrus white, fruity, fresh and light, with well-creased acidity and minerality. The Casa da Esteira Vinhas velhas is equally fruity and citrus, but with evident wooden notes and a more complex structure, ending with good persistence. 

Due to their limited editions, Partners in Creation wines can be purchased directly from the producer, in online stores , and very soon, in wine cellars, specialty stores and restaurants.