Pedro Mendes launches innovative book with seaweed recipes

Algae are a gastronomic trend that seems to have come to stay. The chief Pedro Mendes is the first to launch a book on the subject.

The idea had been hanging in his head for some time, but the confinement came to give him time to give himself up to the project we now have in our hands. A book about algae. The diversity of algae on the Portuguese coast, the nutritional composition of each of these organisms in aquatic environment and the possibility of integrating the daily diet of the Portuguese's homes were the reasons that led him to deepen the theme and create recipes based on algae. To this, it deepened its knowledge of them, and created 40 recipes where algae have a prominent role. "More and more algae are part of our table. And not only are they beneficial to health but they are very accessible," he said during the presentation of the book, which took place outdoors, next to Terreiro do Paço. Thus, "algae in human food is a way of democratizing and encouraging the use of this rich ingredient through simple recipes and many of them known, since they are taken from our prescription!"," says the chief.

To produce the book (bilingual) Pedro Mendes called the designer João Pedro Rato (founder of Mutante magazine), one of the great drivers of the project; and also the journalist Patricia Serrado (also she founder of Mutante, and experienced in gastronomic lides) to marry the dishes with the wines. "I remember well the day Pedro called to invite me to the project. It was a Saturday and when he started explaining it, I thought it would be a very interesting challenge, not only for the content, but for the fact that it is an innovative theme", said João Pedro Rato. Patrícia Serrado stressed the pleasure that was to make the wine tastings and harmonize them with Wines of Lisbon, "that besides being a region that is becoming increasingly visible, has very fresh wines and a particular salinity". CVR Lisboa, which supported this project, was also present at the event, represented by its president Francisco Toscano Rico. "We had no doubt in supporting this project because it meets the profile of our wines, which are very gastronomic", stressed the president of CVR Lisboa. In addition to the CVR of Lisbon, the book also had the support of several partners, including Alga Plus, André Teodoro, Arroz Bom Sucesso, Câmara Câmara de Lisboa, Capri, Lugrade Bacalhau, Luís Ribeiro, Miguel Santana, Restaurante Cabana do Pescador, Ria Fresh, Rota do Peixe Peixaria, Salmarim, Vista Alegre and Wisdom Valley.

From left to dirt: João Pedro Rato, Patrícia Serrado, Francisco Toscano Rico and Pedro Mendes

The preface to Something with Algae is signed by one of the most recognized gastronomic critics of our country, Fernando Melo (Evasions), the translation for the English version is the responsibility of journalist Ann Abel (Forbes), and photos by photographer João Marques. Now available by direct sale via e-mail: Available in two formats: printed and digital, with a PVP of 24,99€ (shipping costs included for Mainland Portugal) and 19,99€ (Apple Books and Google Books).