Pints & Character

Those who follow the work of Wine & Soul since 2001 know that only good things come out. A reference project in the Douro of the couple of winemakers Sandra Tavares and Jorge Serôdio Borges, who have now launched the new harvests of Pintas and Character wines, two reds of choice.

Sandra Tavares da Silva and Jorge Serôdio Borges have been investing in the purchase of old vineyards in the Douro, next to the Pinhão River, on the terraces of Vale Mendiz. Since the beginning of the family project, the idea has been created by wines that express the full character of the vineyards and indigenous varieties of the region, seeking the balance of their elements. An example of this is the new harvests presented by Pintas and Pintas Character reds, both from 2018.

Pintas is a special wine and today a refrgency of the Douro. Besides being the name of the dog they had at the time, it also translates the desire that Sandra and Jorge had to make a wine together before starting the project. Thus was born the Pintas, the first wine of this tireless duo, now already in the harvest of 2018. Produced from a unique plot with 90 years with about 40 indigenous varieties of the Douro, this Pintas has a profile always very constant, always concentrated, complex, engaging and possessing a huge elegance. In this harvest these characteristics seem to be evidenced even more, by the fruity and floral aromas it presents, complemented with a remarkable minerality, being a very polished wine, tuned. The end of the mouth is persistent, still felt some notes of spice and the barrica very well integrated. "At Pintas we want to show the identity of the Douro. The vineyard is facing south / west, at 450 meters of altitude. It is a vineyard with high density – two and a half tons per hectare – which gives rise to a very elegant and engaging wine", explains Sandra Tavares.

in the case of Pintas Character, according to Jorge Serôdio Borges, "the grapes come from five different old vineyards, with more than 30 autoctose varieties, with equally differentiated locations and exhibitions, at altitudes between 200 and 450 meters", reveals the winemaker. "Contrary to what you might think, because it is in a lower price segment than Pintas, for the sake of company strategy, Character is also a high quality red, where details also count," he says. For Sandra and Jorge, the details are important but also the accompaniment they do in the vineyard, especially in the final phase, in which they come every day to go to the middle of it to taste grapes. "Today, with the techniques we have at our disposal, we have already been able to understand the maturation of the grapes, but essentially we have to feel it," says Sandra.

As its name implies, character is a red full of character. In 2018, fewer new and used barrels were used, and the new ones are tuned in partnership with one or the other tanoaria that fine-tune them to wine & soul. The wine thus has good presence and structure, but with the wood revealed in a subtle and well integrated way. In the aroma is fruity and mineral, and in the elegant palate, with tannins present but balanced, and very consistent.  

Both wines, limited edition, can be found in selected wine cellars and reference restaurants by PVP of 80€ (the Pintas) and 24,80 € (the Character).