Port wine with international cuisine at Cockburn's Caves

Second edition of this initiative combines the tradition of Port wine with the palates of Argentine, Brazilian and Japanesees dishes

"A La Mesa" dinners are back at Cockburn's Caves – one of the most renowned port wine houses, owned by Symington Family Estates – in Vila Nova de Gaia. For the second consecutive year, the initiative will combine, on 4 and 5 November, from 20h00, the tradition of Port wine with the delicacies of Argentine gastronomy, made by argentine chef Maurício Ghiglione, of the restaurant Belos Aires, served at a table with 50 people, surrounded by oak balseiros, a unique and exclusive setting. This year, the dinners are of special circumstance, since they will be prepared 'four hands'.

On the 4th, Argentina meets with Brazil, with the presence of the guest chef Rafaela Louzada, representing the gruta restaurant. On the 5th, it will be the chef Ruy Leão, from SHIKO – Japanese Tasca, bringing Japanese influences to cockburn's lodge . Dinners include an initial moment when aperitifs and couvert will be served. Then, already at the table, diners will be able to taste a menu in four moments, created and made by Maurício Ghiglione and one of the two chefs, depending on the day. The various dishes will be cooked at an outdoor campfire, with accompaniment to cockburn's and Symington wines.

The initiative is limited to 50 participants and costs 60 euros per person, and tickets are already available on the Eventbrite platform ( Entrance to the event can be made through Rua de Serpa Pinto 346, 4400-307 Vila Nova de Gaia. Cockburn's Cellars have a parking space, so it's free of charge.