Portugal collects 335 medals at concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Still in the midst of a pandemic, one of the most recognized international competitions exceeded expectations in the organization of the event, which took place this year in Luxembourg. During nine days, more than 10,000 international wines were tasted by 300 judges of different nationalities.

Never has an international wine competition jury ever thought so often to Covid. To travel and be present at the test, to have breakfast every day and yet another to return to your country. At least in the case of Portugal. And all in favor of the wine sector.

For those who do not know, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is one of the most recognized international competitions. As his name implies, he was born in Brussels, but began to gain projection and left his hometown to travel the world. They've even been in Portugal and this year it was about to be in China if it wasn't for the damn virús that's late to leave. But you will. And even though he was here, the proper safety precautions have caused 300 tasters divided for 9 days to taste the 10,000 wines, a record number that has always been beaten in recent years.  

It's always a challenge to wake up early in the morning and start tasting flights and flights of wine of all kinds from 46 producing countries and different regions. Taste blindly the wines that seem to us from certain countries / regions (and often are not), exchange impressions with other professionals in the area, review friends from years ago. In my case, i also receive the golden pin that proves that I have participated as a jury in this contest for more than ten years. An honor, no doubt, and also a training for the palate that has to improve and update, always.

This year, medals have been awarded to wines from 40 different countries. In the lead, with the largest number of wines entered and prizes consequently, was France (672 medals), followed by Spain (507 medals), Italy (389 medals) and Portugal (335 medals). However, Portugal stands out with these 335 medals for 1071 wines registered, which gives us, once again, a ration of more than 30% of awarded. Of these awards, we highlight 9 Great Gold Medals and 113 Gold Medals.

It should also be noted that the distinctive awards of Great Gold of Portugal were awarded to wines from 4 producing regions (Alentejo, Lisbon, Dão and Tejo). In addition to the silver, gold and gold medals, the competition also awarded 'revelation' awards to wines with the highest scores in each category. For Portugal, there is a Alentejo Regional Red Wine from the 2018 harvest.

See the results of Portugal, here: