Quinta Dona Matilde launches new edition of Vinha dos Calços Largos

The novelty came last year, with the launch of the first harvest of this unique red of Old Vines without wood. The result is a challenging, elegant and unconventional wine. This year, the wine continues to emerge for the same reasons.  

The new edition of the red Dona Matilde Vinha dos Calços Largos reveals the desire to innovate the producer. "We are the first to make a wine of Old Vines without wood in the Douro", says Filipe Barros, marketing director of Quinta Dona Matilde, recalling the disruptive role that the wines of Vinhas Velhas of the farm ended up having: "We wanted a different approach and we let a winemaking happen with very little intervention, avoiding, for example, the wood stage, which is still not expected in a wine of very good quality from the Douro", he shoots. 

In a market flooded with wines from Vinhas Velhas, the experience of making this wine resulted and was able to show itself among the others. "This experimentalism is, first of all, the expression of the detailed study and care of the old vineyards of the farm and aims at their valorization", adds the winemaker of Quinta do Matilde, João Pissarra: "To give the correct value to these historical vineyards it is necessary to understand how they behave in different wine years, some difficult others easier, effect of the time and the mixture of varieties on wines. This is the work we are doing."

In this sense, Dona Matilde Vinha dos Calços Largos 2020 is a wine with little extraction, which ensures the exuberance of aromas, keeping, on par, great elegance and complexity. It was produced from grapes about 80 years old and 30 traditional Douro varieties. The grapes were picked by hand in boxes of 25 kg, followed by pre-selection of the bunches at the entrance of the cellar. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts and aging (18 months) in stainless steel vat. Strong ruby color, presents intense aroma, firm and elegant tannins, good acidity and mouth volume. 14% alcohol content.

Dona Matilde Vinha dos Cals Largos red has two editions (2017 and 2020) and is the first reference of the series of wines of Vinhas Velhas produced by this historic douro farm.

Quinta Dona Matilde is among the oldest properties in the Douro region, integrating the first demarcation ordered by the Marquis of Pombal in 1756. In addition to old vineyards aged between 80 and 90 years and others more recent, planted three decades ago, Quinta Dona Matilde has olive groves, vegetable garden, orchard and a large area occupied natural vegetation, totaling 93 hectares.

Acquired by Manoel Moreira de Barros in 1927, Quinta Dona Matilde, currently belongs to Manuel Ângelo Barros, grandson of the founder and former administrator of the Barros group, a role he held for 30 years.

In addition to the wines of the historical vineyards series, Dona Matilde Vinha dos Calços Largos and Dona Matilde Vinha do Pinto, the farm produces two whites and two other reds, all DOC Douro (harvests and reserves). The Dona Matilde portfolio includes tawny Harvest Port wines and Vintage Ports.