I just don't promise to do the pin!

Those who could not be present at the launch of my latest book '100 Grandes Vinhos de Portugal' at the Altis hotel now have the opportunity to come to the BOOK FAIR on September 4, Sunday at 7pm (at the stands of El Corte Inglès, A06 and A08) to attend a presentation with autograph session and wine tasting. You're all welcome!  

About two years ago I was challenged by Zest Books to write a book that would highlight a hundred great Portuguese wines. The result exceeded expectations and gave rise to a historical and artistic book, which gave me a great pleasure to do.

Titled "100 Great Wines of Portugal", the book was edited by Zest Books, and includes a selection of wines and texts prepared by me, the creative design of M&A Creative Agency, and vox's final graphic production. Published separately in two languages( Portuguese and English), the books have national and international distribution, with a view to enhancing the quality of Portuguese wines, but also their internationalization. To make the prefaces were invited two personalities in the sector, the English wine critic Julia Harding (Master of Wine), and the President of ViniPortugal, Frederico Falcão.

Those who know the history and reality of Portuguese wines know well how their quality has grown in recent years. It is therefore easy to imagine the difficulty of this choice of the 100 Great Wines of Portugal, since many high quality wines were left out. Several times, I found myself between the sword and the wall when I had to choose this or that wine. But life is still like this, made up of choices, and I know that the range of wines chosen is a source of great pride for Portugal.

Through this selection of whites, reds and sparkling wines, and even some rosés, we get to know the stories of many national producers, to understand different production methods and to understand the logic and reasons of each winemaker when he made a particular wine in this or that way. Moments and thoughts now shared through this book, which accumulates hours of evidence and delicious conversations, most of them also around a glass.

There are many years dedicated to the world of wine. And only with these accumulated years did I dare to think of a project of this nature, which requires a deep knowledge of the offer that exists in the market. It was undoubtedly a book that was lacking. We are already visible internationally, the professionals of the sector already recognize great quality to our wines, but there is still a great job to do with the general public. The idea that has to prevail with the consumer worldwide is not the cheap price of our wines, it is our quality. A quality here represented by premium and state-of-the-art wines that result from our genuine terroirs and many of our grape varieties.

The idea that I had to photograph bottles with an object that told the story of the producer, a region or its castes was grasped in a sublime way by The M&A Creative Agency, which worked deeply to create an original and distinctive look in order to make this book an edition a work of art, a memorable edition.

The experience of Zest Books, a publisher specialized in the areas of wine, gastronomy and tourism, was fundamental, since after studying the market he thought that a remarkable work like this was missing in our country, which lasted.

The book was released on November 12, at the Altis Grand Hotel, and can be purchased through the Zest Books website or in bookstores.