Pôpa, always evolving

Acquired in 2003, Quinta do Pôpa has been growing in the number of wines and quality. Now, the Reserve white and red, wines that are located between the Selection and Black Edition levels, have been launched. A bet that extends the portfolio of the producer.

The name of this farm is due to Francisco Ferreira, better known by the nickname 'Pôpa'. The name comes from a bird from the region, which has a beautiful downhead, but also its owner, known for this nickname for being elegant and vanity, and like to be always well arranged and with the well combed spares. He was also a great lover of wines and the region where he was born. His son acquired part of this property in 2003 which, in the meantime, was increasing, and today it is his grandchildren - Stéphane and Vanessa Ferreira - who are at the head of the project to produce quality wines.

The farm, which is located in a privileged location on the river, in the middle of EN222, in Adorigo, municipality of Tabuaço, decided to seal its 15 years of wine production presenting two novelties that will give greater amplitude to the portfolio. Thus, the Pôpa range has gained a new level: Book, debuting with a white 2021 and red 2020.

The oenology, in charge of the duo Carlos Raposo and Carina Roxo Baia, now assumes seven references: white, rosé and red Selection; the white and red Reserve; and the white and red Black Edition. Under the Pôpa brand, but in a more daring record, there is also the range 'Dare to Dream' with the white and red Amphora and a white Curtimenta. The range 'Parcela Wines' includes four monocastes from the terroir of Quinta do Pôpa: Tinta Roriz (TR), Touriga Franca (TF), Touriga Nacional (TN) and Vinhas Velhas (VV). Finally, on a level of greater exclusivity, the range 'Vinhos de Homenagem' has four wines to the portfolio: PaPo red, Pôpa Vinho Doce red, Quinta do Pôpa Homenagem and Quinta do Pôpa Porto Vintage. They are wines that, as the name of the range indicates, pay tribute to people: Luís Pato (friend of the family and the first winemaker of Quinta do Pôpa); the women of the family; Francisco Ferreira (grandfather Pôpa); and José Ferreira (the father Pôpa). Now, with these new references, the wine portfolio of Quinta do Pôpa gains elasticity, capable of covering a greater number of consumers.

Book: a white and a red that reflect the balance of the Pôpa range

As explained by the producer, each segment of the Pôpa range assumes a very own identity: in the Selection, the joviality; reserve us, balance; and in the Black Edition, the depth. The 'Pôpa Reserve' surrounds the PVP of €11.50 and debuts with a white 2021 and a red 2020, already with some complexity. The winemaking is made in stainless steel, with part of the grapes with whole bunch, that is, with stalk. The stage, in turn, is balanced, in equal proportions (50/50), between stainless steel and French oak barrels – new, second and third year – for 9 to 10 months. They are wines where the balance stands out, given by a vibrant freshness and acidity, fruit aromas and floral notes, but also body and structure, printed by the stage in wood. Wines to drink at the table with comfort food.  

In 'Reserve branco 2021' the varieties Verdelho (20%), Cerceal Branco (20%), Folgasão (20%), Viosinho (15%), Gouveio (15%) and Rabigato (10%), originating in the sub-regions of Baixo and Cima Corgo, with altitudes between 50 and 550 meters, prevail. The harvest was carried out manually for boxes of 20kg. In the cellar, after the desengace, they suffered a very soft crushing, followed by pressing. Decanting took place for 24 to 48 hours, followed by alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel vats and French oak barrels, with temperature control. Stage made in stainless steel and French oak barrels, on fine lees, for 9 to 10 months. A white with a very complex nose, where very elegant floral aromas stand out. In the mouth, it is fresh, pure and has a high acidity and a long, salty finish.

The 'Pôpa Reserve red 2020' is the result of a blend of Touriga Franca (45%), Touriga Nacional (30%), Tinta Roriz (15%) and Red Dog (10%), from vineyards over 40 years old, from Quinta do Pôpa. Manual harvest for boxes of 20kg, transported to the cellar for partial desengace of the bunches – some with total desengace and others with whole bunch. Cold pre-fermentative maceration, followed by alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel vats with temperature control and malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels. The stage is done, in equal parts (50/50), in stainless steel and french oak barrels, on fine lees, for 9 to 10 months. A red with a very complex nose, with obvious notes of fruit. In the mouth, it is a precise and elegant wine throughout the tasting, with a long finish and good aging potential.