The New Symington Dilemma

It is the latest novelty produced by the recognized family of producers, a DOC from the 2020 harvest that once again reveals that the Douro can also shine in whites.

When you say that a certain person is facing a dilemma, it means that you have to make an extremely difficult decision. The reasoning that configures the dilemma is studied from the philosophical perspective that, since the beginning of philosophy, consists in the idea of an argument that presents two alternatives, but with contrasting and both unsatisfactory scenarios. It's the dictionary that says it, but when I'm faced with this wine, there's no dilemma. The only way out is to baby it to the last drop, which seems to me a highly satisfying solution!

Since Symington took on the mission of producing douro wines of the best quality, it has learned more and more about the behavior of white varieties in this unique and challenging terroir. With the launch of The Little Dilemma, it helped to reveal the potential of the region in producing white wines.

The Vineyard of Tapadinha is located 580 meters above the valley of the Torto River and the vineyard of Chões 520 meters above the pinhão river valley. Its altitude allows for more moderate temperatures and a better and more balanced maturation of grapes. Elaborated with Grape varieties Viosinho, Gouveio, Arinto and Alvarinho, the Little Dilemma is produced from the harvest of 2020, year with precipitation levels during winter and early spring normal, but with above average temperatures, which caused the advance of the vegetative cycle in about three weeks. Although it was a year of production decline, in the order of 40 percent in some properties, the reduction was mitigated by the good quality presented.

Only 5,000 bottles of the first edition of The Little Dilemma were produced. Ready for immediate consumption, and ideal to accompany some rich fish dishes, the wine will also benefit from an additional aging period. Designed especially for the domestic market, the Little Dilemma will also reach the United Kingdom and the United States of America with the P.V.Recommended p of 18,50 euros, can be found in wine cellars and restaurants. "The Douro continues to show that it is capable of producing exceptional white wines. It's very fresh, with a good presence on the palate, a white designed from the vineyards of Tapadinha and Chões, of higher quota» says Rupert Symington, CEO of Symington Family Estates. "I am very proud of our oenology team for the way they accepted this challenge and used their experience and skill to produce a delicate and balanced wine, the perfect expression of this two douro terroirs", he shoots .

After a gentle desengace, the whole grape is routed to the press. Musts at very low pressures are then subjected to a clarification process, so as to approach the most favorable characteristics for the smooth development of the fermentation process. The start of alcoholic fermentation takes place in a vat, and then passes to the different barrels that are destined to it, new and used. The winemakers responsible, Charles Symington and Pedro Correia, thus prepared this wine with 60% Viosinho, 25% gouveio, 10% Arinto and 5% Alvarinho. The stage sur lies (on lees) allowed to consolidate the profile of the wine, in a set that is intended to be structured, with volume and a creamy texture. The bottle stage allowed a good integration of the wood. Mineral aroma, floral and wood notes very well integrated. On the palate it is revealed citrus, with light touch and spice, with good structure and long finish. Ready for immediate consumption, you will also benefit from an additional ageing period.